YouTube the CIA front company is Deleting Accounts!  

This is my first Official blog slash report for HWUNET news my name is Dawid Yacob Maccabeus aka PLAHU and I am proud to start this journey with a service of defense. Today when I was checking my emails I came across an email named “Lady of Esau says, Wake Up while you Still Can!!! {Youtube's Deleting Accounts}”, so I clicked on the link and watched a video of a woman by the name of Heather S. It was strange because I know of her but I do not know her, but I know her enough that her story touched me. I remember a few years ago when I first started waking up to the truth that the Hebrews are Black People a People of color Heather's videos on YouTube where some of the videos I would watch to solidify the truth. I also remember hearing her on The Biblical Hebrews of the Bible show when I was a frequent listener. Now that I think about it Heather S is very important to our recent history as Hebrews Waking Up to the truth.

How many white people out there are willing to take all of the BS that comes with trying to tell the plain truth. The truth that the Black People in America, Brazil, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Africa, India, Prussia, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, India, Peru, Argentina and on and on. The Black people that were sold into slavery from 1452 till 1888 (not 1865 because the last so-called free slaves lay captive in Brazil), are the original Hebrews found in all of the Ancient Holy Biblical scriptures “Hebrew or the So-Called Negro ” How many? I can give you an answer very very few, and Heather S is one of the few. Heather S is not just some crazy Lady of Esau that is speaking about the Black Hebrews she is family. Let me make this clear. If we are the Hebrews of the Bible then how can we call ourselves Hebrews if we are not outraged at what happened to our sister Heather? How can you call yourself a child of AHYAH if you do not do what you know in your heart is right to do? We stand up for all injustice on this planet because AHYAH dwells in us. This is our purpose of existence. So it is my pleasure to defend my sister.

Now let us think about this attack. YouTube is owned by Google corporation and we should know that Google is a CIA front company ”Former Agent Says Google and CIA in Partnership “ and Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts. So this attack on Heather’s free speech is not some random thing. Now what this means is that Google is fighting an information war. Heather's account was attacked because they are losing the information war. They now have to start attacking, because our message is getting out there. In her videos, she exposes how YouTube is attacking other Hebrew YouTube sites as well. I can remember sister Georgia being suspending a few years back. I do not use YouTube that much lately, so I do not know how many Hebrew Sites are attacked, but I think we better find out.

Since YouTube is owned and run by Google, and Google is a part of the CIA we know that this is a part of a bigger plan. Heather S is the Canary in the coal mine telling us that They Are Coming! The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees all people the freedom of speech. Google is violating her first Amendments right and they know it. Why do they have such a silly policy? A policy that operates where if someone does not like what you say they can erase your account. I have an idea how about choosing not to listen, because if I do not like a movie I will not pay to watch it if I do not like a book I choose not to read it if I see a video on YouTube that I find offensive I choose not to watch it. This is called choice and it goes hand and hand with FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Heather S is a victim of the Global Cooperate run CIA funded to take over of the United States of America, and Heather and the Hebrews are not alone. The attack on Heather's first Amendments should let us know that what she is saying is TRUTH and the CIA does not like what they hear.

Now, this should send off a few alarm bells, because the CIA was founded by the Jesuits which are the Society of Jesus a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church our mortal enemy. The same Catholic Church that signed the documents to put us into slavery in 1452 and 1492. They know who we are, because they put to use here, now they are telling us we can not talk about it. If this dose does not get your blood to boil nothing will. The CIA is nothing more than the arm of the new fascist global cooperator that is desperate to suppress the Truth. The Truth that Heather and other Hebrews centric YouTube sites have been saying for years. That the Jews in Israel are not the real people. They lied to the world. The real Hebrews are the ones that have been sold on slave ships and sold all around the world. The real Hebrews are the ones that are created by AHYAH to teach, not the Ashkenazi Rabbi of Germany. This is the truth and this is why the CIA run fascist globalist company YouTube took away Heather's free speech. They are run by fascist tyrants and tyranny hates the truth. Therefore, we must stand beside Heather and yell at the top of our lung hands off our sister, because she was there for use when no one else was. This is why I am proud to make this my first blog on HWUNET News. My final message to Heather is this, first, they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you and then you whoop their ass. Heather, I will be happy to help you whoop their ass and while telling them HANDS OFF OUR FREE SPEECH. Thank you once again, Heather and we got your back from an original Hebrew of scriptures Dawid Yacob Maccabeus.

By Dawid Yacob Maccabeus aka PLAHU.