Why the NWO Will Eventually Fail


July 22, 2012, by Szandor Blestman

In the world of conspiracy theories, the New World Order is a shadowy group of megalomaniacs hidden behind closed doors and plotting the enslavement of 99.99% of mankind or even the death of 90% of the humans currently living upon this blue globe. These people wish to secretly control all of mankind and bring about a one world government that they would run from behind the scenes. Basically, they want to make the childhood meme of “if I ruled the world” come true for themselves. They wish to have total domination and to have all bow before them like they were the gods of old. In the real world, they aren’t that shadowy and their secret desires aren’t so secret anymore. They have been exposed to the light of day. All one has to do is open one’s eyes and put away the fear in order to see.

There is a group of very wealthy families, or bloodlines, who have used their wealth since time immemorial to guide humanity in certain directions they wanted. They have hidden from the impoverished masses while living in lavish villas away from the squalor of civilized cities’ slums where people are often forced to use and abuse their neighbors just to eke by in life. By doing so they have completely lost touch with the rest of humanity and have no idea the kinds of challenges that modern life presents nor the psyches of the humans who have to deal with said challenges, but I believe that these self-proclaimed elitists believe they know everything they need to know about the human beings they look down upon as inferior to themselves.

These families have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. I believe they have been taught since childhood that they have certain rights none of the rest of us have. They have been taught that they are privileged above all others. They have been taught that they have a divine right to rule over humanity. They believe they are extremely special and can tell the rest of us what to do. They even have plans for us, and I don’t believe they’re good plans. They don’t wish for us to be as wealthy and privileged as they are. In fact, they want to make sure we stay subjugated to their will. That is their New World Order, a world where they reign supreme and we feed on the crumbs they leave us, whether we like it or not.

They think they know human psychology. They think they have figured out how you work and how they can manipulate you. They think they can force us into a one world government where they will be in charge through their manipulations of want and fear. I believe they have underestimated us. I think they have underestimated the human spirit. I think they have underestimated the human capacity to innovate. More than that, I think they have underestimated the human capacity to understand what is truly happening behind the scenes, who is pulling the strings, and to adapt to that understanding.