Company Reinvents Rear Bike Wheel to Store Energy

This is a little, but great story. A few years ago I imagined the wheel of a car generating energy. The energy could be stored and used by the battery of an electric car. I still have the drawing in my IDEA Book. I figured if the Niagara falls power planet built by Nikola Tesla produces free energy, and this energy is produced by motion, then why could not a wheel of a car do the same? There are four wheels on a car and not one of them is producing energy. Why? Motion moving at 10, 20, 60 or 100 miles per hour, millions of times all over the world every second of the day, and not one wheel is creating energy! What a waste. Well, I hoped to one day experiment with this idea, so I am happy to find this story. You can read it on The Good News Network. The smallest Ideas change the world. Here is the story below. Enjoy!

" A new device has been launched that can transform almost any bicycle into an electric-hybrid vehicle. The Copenhagen Wheel, named for the cycling-rich city, is a self-contained unit that replaces the rear hub of a bicycle wheel. It stores energy, which can later be released if a cyclist needs help going up a hill "

Every Great Change Starts With an IDEA!