Americans need to wake up and take a stand against GMOs,

Other countries still in acceptance of GMOs, which include the U.S. and Canada, will hopefully take the lead of both Venezuela and Denmark in protecting their own food sovereignty. Besides the fact that GMOs are owned by a small cohort of multinational corporations with complete control over their use, GMOs have never been properly safety tested. And virtually all independent studies thus far conducted on them have revealed incredible dangers both to the environment and to humans.

"There are a number of studies throughout the world which affirm that the health of humans and animals may be impacted when they consume genetically-modified foods," added Urena during an interview. "This is a Law on Seeds that is anti-GMOs because it is not only Venezuela but the whole world that is saying that we cannot continue supporting GMOs, not only for the use of food and consumption but for their technology that makes use of agro-chemical fertilizers."

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Republished from NaturalNews
Written by Jonathan Benson