Pete Santilli exposed as FBI Informant?

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I like exposing those who are FBI and AIPAC disinformation stooges in the alternative media it's like having great sex the longer you wait for the more fulfilling it is for you and your partner. I have learned over 29 years as a Federal Whistleblower not to jump to conclusions to sit back and wait for all the evidence to come in before making statements or conclusions patients is a virtue.

I first exposed this stooge Pete Santilli after doing 2 radio interviews with him on his former Radio program. Santilli begged me to hook him up with Gordon Duff Editor Veterans Today I called Gordon who then called Pete Santilli who illegally recorded Gordon's conversation. Santilli wanted Gordon to do an interview on Santilli's radio program Gordon said no then the next day Santilli played the private telephone conversation of Gordon and himself on his radio program which is illegal. Santilli also spiced the illegal taped recorded conversation and tried to make it sound as though Gordon Duff threatened Santilli which Gordon did not and Gordon has the entire conversation that Gordon himself recorded.

Pete Santilli lies on his Radio Program

But that was not enough for Santilli who was trying to discredit Veterans Today Editors and Columnists because of the amount of truth coming out weekly on Veterans Today.
Professor James Fetzer Editor Veterans Today also encountered the Santilli lies after his radio interview was spliced and completely taken out of text and played later on the air by liar Pete Santilli.

LUNATICS 'R US: The Santilli/Wood/Sunstein Gambit
Those lies of Pete Santilli cost him his radio program and was fired from the network.
Then he started his Gorilla news radio which he came after this Whistleblower using his sidekick Bruce Montalvo unknown to me at the time. Bruce called me talked for an hour then took that illegally recorded conversation spliced it and aired it on his new Pete Santilli Gorilla Radio.

Talk Show Host Bruce Montalvo violated the law

Then Santilli somehow gets a radio slot on Jeff Rense's Radio network and Jeff was warned by several unnamed friends of mine and his what Pete Santilli had done in the past but Jeff could not listen and was brain dead. Now Jeff's network is at risk and his audience will wonder why did so-called Patriot Jeff Rense allow an FBI-AIPAC controlled disinformation stooge on his network.
The latest hysterical tirade from Pete Santilli is his own writing to his FBI handler I am in fear of my life because the Truckers Demonstration in Washington against Government Corruption was hijacked by Pete Santilli who the truckers say Santilli offered to raise money for their Gas expenses and that they never got any money and the Truckers claim nearly one half of a million dollars ($500,000.00) was raised by Santilli on his radio program and is missing.

AIPAC Disinformation Lunatics R US Pete Santilli
Here is the latest on Pete Santilli according to talk show host Vinny Eastwood and Susan Posel who did some investigations of Pete Santilli's reported theft from the truckers. This interview shows documents and a fax sent to Pete Santilli's FBI handlers where Santilli actually threatens his FBI handlers.