Tutu 'not invited' to Mandela funeral Why?


Tutu 'not invited' to Mandela funeral Why?

South African peace icon Desmond Tutu said on Saturday he was not invited to the burial of his friend Nelson Mandela, amid allegations he was snubbed for political reasons. "Much as I would have loved to attend the service to say a final farewell to someone I loved and treasured, it would have been disrespectful to Tata to gatecrash what was billed as a private family funeral," Tutu said in a statement. "Had I or my office been informed that I would be welcome, there is no way on earth that I would have missed it." Staff said Tutu canceled a Friday flight to Eastern Cape "after receiving no indication that his name was on any guest or accreditation list". Earlier, the Nobel laureate's daughter, Mpho Tutu, who heads his foundation, told AFP that he would not attend because he "is not an accredited clergyperson for the event". Tutu's account of the events was at odds with that given by the government of President Jacob Zuma, which the clergyman has publicly criticised. Amid public outcry, the president insisted that Tutu was on the list of invited dignitaries to the burial. "I have been checking and he is definitely on the list," presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj told AFP, saying he was "taken aback" by the news that the man known fondly as the "Arch" was not invited. "The Arch is not an ordinary church person, he is a special person in our country and he is definitely on the list," said Maharaj, promising to sort out any misunderstanding that may have arisen.

"If there's any problem we will try to iron that out, but I can assure you that he is on the programme."

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So is Desmond Tutu a friend or a Foe?

Well, let's Check. First, let's look at "Anglo-Israelism is British Israelism ". Here is what is said about this religion, "British Israelites who are proponents of Hine's German-Assyria connection do not believe that the Anglo-Saxons were Germanic, but instead of Scythian heritage, who ultimately descended from the ancient Israelites" Now keep in mind, this report is telling us that there is a connection to the Scythians(Check the link for more info.) Below is a quick look at the root of the "Anglo-Israelism is British Israelism".

Scythian = Ashkenazi, "THE KHAZAR ORIGIN IS OF THE ASHKENAZIM" which is Scythian.
The Ancient Israelites = Hyksos and the HYKSOS became the SCYTHIAN.

Therefore Anglo-Saxon Christianity is also Anglo-Israelism. Anglo-Saxon Christianity is the core of the Church of England. England is Great Britain and Britain is home of British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism). Desmond Tutu was Primate(the Bishop in Chess) of the Anglican Church of the Province of South Africa. Therefore Desmond Tutu represents the will of the Queen. Why? Because she is the Supreme Governor of The Church Of England. Which means Desmond Tutu is a Powerful (Pawn/ Bishop FOR Anglo-Saxon Christianity). The religion called Anglo-Saxon Christianity is the Religion of the " white minority rule ".

Shades of Gray: From Wikipedia:" Through his writings and lectures at home and abroad, Tutu consistently advocated reconciliation between all parties involved in apartheid. Tutu's opposition to apartheid was vigorous and unequivocal, and he was outspoken both in South Africa and abroad. He often compared apartheid to Nazism; as a result of the government twice revoked his passport, and he was jailed briefly in 1980 after a protest march. It was thought by many that Tutu's increasing international reputation and his rigorous advocacy of non-violence protected him from harsher penalties. Tutu was also harsh in his criticism of the violent tactics of some anti-apartheid groups such as the African National Congress and denounced terrorism and Communism. "

ROOT OF THE ANC: " Sol Plaatje - was an activist and politician he spent much of his life in the struggle for the enfranchisement and liberation of African people. He was a founder member and first General Secretary of the South African Native National Congress (SANNC), which would become the African National Congress (ANC) ten years later. As a member of a SANNC deputation, he traveled to England to protest the Natives Land Act, 1913, and later to Canada and the United States where he met Marcus Garvey and W. E. B. Du Bois. "

From Wikipedia: " Desmond Tutu headed the Truth and Reconciliation Commission(a commision controlled by the UN). He retired as Archbishop of Cape Town in 1996 and was made emeritus Archbishop of Cape Town, an honorary title that is unusual in the Anglican church "

Now you have enough information to start your research to answer this Question. Is Desmond Tutu a friend or a Foe?

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