Kwame Ture speaks on Zionism

Here we are again, stories of Genocide on the back page of the mainstream media and propaganda on the front page. Since 1948 we have been fed this same sorry story "Israel is defending it's self", by now you should know this is a half-truth. The best thing that could have happened to the Zionist government that controls Israel is for the Palestinians to elect Hamas as the leaders of their government.

This conveniently created division within the country (classic divide and conquer) and now we have a terrorist organization controlling the future of the people. Now we see thousands of people being killed and maimed as corporate media tells the story that both sides are to blame, as thousands of women and children are displaced and made homeless, " but both sides are to blame ". If only the Palestinians did not elect Hamas to lead their government, the Zionist would not be forced to commit Genocide(wink wink).

A few years ago I did a broadcast called "Hebrew Council Meeting number 18 - What is ZIONISM? " In this broadcast, I played a recording of Stokely Carmichael aka Kwame Ture explaining the history of Zionism and white supremacy. It is interesting to hear how Mr. Ture explains the lies and deceptions that are still plaguing our planet in real time today. This attack on Gaza is another chapter in the history of the fading power of imperialism 2014. I ask that AHYAH will give us the power to come together and bring their demonic system to its final end.