Jane Burgermeister Says Alex Jones Is A Liar

(Before It's News) Revelations 9: 13

The great humanitarian, Jane Burgermeister, is not permitted on CIA Jesuit Co-Adjutor Alex Jones radio stint anymore. CIA Jones only goes so far, and it ain’t that far such that he would disrupt the plans of his CIA pals. Time 9:34, Burgermeister says CIA Jones promoted the virus hype, then changed his tune to maintain some shred of credibility. Burgermeister says Jones lied to his audience about the reason she did not appear on his show. She said CIA Jones’ staff invited her to the show, the time was set for her appearance and she was waiting for the call from Infowars, but the phone call never came. She says the deceit of alternative media extends beyond CIA Jones. Alex Jones is a traitor to true patriotic Americans, an evil man. Yeah, he discloses truth on some subjects, but that is only to give him cover, a hint of credibility, but the truths exposed do not hinder the plans of his CIA pals, his Jesuit pals. CIA is a creation of the Jesuits. The Jesuits own and operate 24 colleges/universities in the United States. Traitor to the USA and former CIA head during the time of 9.11, George Tenant, was a graduate of Jesuit Georgetown University. The Trojan Horse in America bringing it down is the agents of the Vatican. Too bad prominent BIN poster Barracuda does not follow the trail of the Vatican to Jesuit CIA Jones and the colleges and universities run by Jesuits that graduate a lot of the intelligentsia of the USA but rather praises CIA Jones. He calls the Vatican a thing of Lucifer but that’s the end of the trail of the Vatican for Barracuda. Either Barracuda is himself a cointelpro operator or just a dope, or perhaps both.