US envoy condemns illegal sanctions

US envoy condemns illegal sanctions President Mugabe receives CDs from US envoy and former ambassador to UN, Mr. Andrew Young, at his Munhumutapa offices today Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter April 16, 2013 - CONFIDENCE in the MDC-T from its traditional supporters in the West continue to wane after the US State Department dispatched an envoy to Zimbabwe for talks to normalize relations with President Mugabe ahead of elections he is tipped to win. Former US ambassador to the United Nations Mr. Andrew Young today met President Mugabe at his Munhumutapa Offices to convey the message. “The State Department has asked me to come to visit and just to say that we have Zimbabwe in our hearts and that we would like to see relations with Zimbabwe resume as they were pre the problems,” he said. Mr. Young condemned the imposition of illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe by Western countries and urged Zimbabweans to be united in their adversities. He said this soon after a two-hour meeting with President Mugabe at his Munhumutapa Offices. “I should say I have never particularly approved of the sanctions personally but I have never been able to get rid of them. “I think we have an administration now that is ready to move beyond sanctions but we need reassurance that Zimbabwe is as peaceful and as positive a society I think it is,” he said. Mr. Young who is a personal friend to President Mugabe also commended the empowerment drive and the land reform programme saying more support for the new farmers was needed to improve productivity. “Well from what I know about it, it has been very successful but I know there is not enough seed, enough fertilizer but with help, it can increase,” he said. Mr. Young supported President Mugabe and the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo in fighting colonialism and opposed the internal settlement of Ian Smith, Abel Muzorewa, and Ndabaningi Sithole. He played a pivotal role at the Lancaster House negotiations that brought country’s independence. Source:

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