Steve Cokely Gone but
Never Forgotten

Steve Cokely was born June 17 1952 and transitioned April 11th 2012 - he was a master researcher in the areas of politics, economics, history and the deep state before it was called the deep state Professer Cokely lectured nationally on these issues mainly to the African American community.

Steve Cokely was also a futurologist who commented extensively on water conservation, organic farming, and communal living. Cokely gave over 5,000 lectures on the topic of global warming and corporate conspiracies, the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Boule, etc.
Cokely's research delved into the history of Marcus Garvey, the Black Panthers and other areas of African-American history.
Cokely lectured at many college campuses nationally and was also known for his conspiracy theories involving the Black Male elite organization known as the Sigma Pi Phi and the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr by the hands of Rev.Jesse Jackson and the C.I.A

Matt Kazee 4.12.2012 -
" I found out today my friend, my mentor, my hero Steve Cokely died on April 11, 2012. I have confirmed that this is true. It saddens me completely. I was supposed to do a radio interview with Steve on April 11, 2012. We had spoken a few times in the past week. We always checked up on each other he called a few times because I had been sick over the weekend and he wanted to see if I was ok. Sunday and later Sunday night we talked and he said he was thinking about going to have his stomach drained at the hospital."

We laughed and joked and talked about life. He told me not to worry that his health was good and he was ready to do the show later this week Monday or Wednesday. He was excited and said he was going to "break some powerful information" on the broadcast. He kept saying he was going to "name the names." He also voiced concern about going to the hospital because of several people who recently died in mysterious circumstances "while under healthcare". He mentioned 3 or 4 names that I can't remember all were black community leaders.

Monday we talked again and he told me the interview would probably be on Wednesday because going to the hospital to get the fluid drained. He said he was going to go with a friend to the hospital to make sure they didn't try and keep him "or pull anything funny". He said he was calling me to make sure I knew what was going and again told me not to worry… he said that his health was strong and he was just going to have some fluid drained and he would be out in a matter of hours. He said he would call me when he got out and that if he felt up to it maybe we would to a show later that night. He never called back. I called Tuesday and the phone rang and rang then to voice mail. I wanted to leave a message but his voicemail was full. I called a few times that day and that night but it just rang and went to voicemail. I called Wednesday and the phone was turned off. I am very sad to lose my friend, my teacher, and my colleague Brother Steve Cokely. I will miss him the rest of my days. I will always remember his voice saying to me "I have some powerful information, man… when we do that show I am going to name the names."

I find it odd that Steve was telling me he was worried they might try to kill him in the hospital and he had "powerful information". Steve died on 411. The very day that we were going to record the radio show. On that day he was awarded the title of "Hero of Information". 411 is the number you call for "information". I am in no way saying that Steve was murdered or trying to spread conspiracy theories about his death. The last time I talked to him, Monday night he sounded strong as assured me there was nothing to worry about. Steve's health had been failing him for quite some time but he never let it stop his work and was working all the way up till his death. His work must continue on in hands of new researchers who dedicate their time to expose the Core of Negativity.

I was checking my voicemail today to see if I got any messages from Steve that I might have missed and I found this message I had saved that was recorded January 17, 2012. This is the last message I have from Brother Steve. May he guide us all from the other side.

Matt Kazee 4.12.2012 -