How and why is the New Year March 5? And why is the date March 21, 2015, important?


Because of 1945 till 2016 Marks the end of the reign of the (third Reich -Demons) and the changing of power to the (fourth Reich -Demons). This will happen between 2016 -2017. They (who are the ones in positions of power) hope to be in full control by 2018, which is ( a gate year like 9 - 11). Now if you are confused then research this website and listen to the past broadcasts. The Babylonian calendar is still in full effect. April 3rd begins the Passover of FULLS... Anyway 14 days after Purim.


The celebration Purim marks is the New Year. 14 days after this celebration MARKS the PASSOVER March 21, 2015! As it is written, " Observe the month of Abib and celebrate the Passover to AHYAH your YAH, for in the month of Abib YAHUWAH your YAH brought you out of Egypt by NIGHT". Now here is a question (how can this be done under a full moon?)". On March 20th, 2015 there were Suicide attacks on mosques Yemen, after 142 killed in Yemen mosques blasts. Why? Because the war between the People of the Book and the Seed of the Serpent is still raging strong. You are seeing the system of the Beast as it creates ISISAl-Qaeda, ISIL and controls the planet with the CIA, FBI, NSA, MOSSAD, MI6 and not so secret societies destroy our planet. This is mystery Babylon. The people of Namibia were destroyed by the fathers of these people. The people of Yemen are being destroyed by the children and grandchildren of these people. The House of Saud and the house of Saxe Coburg Gotha are one and the same they are the seeds of the Serpent. This is why you need to know dates and times, The Richest 1% Will Own More Than All The Rest By 2016. Why by 2016? Because this marks the 72-year cycle I speak about. It matches the 25920 year and the 360-year generations. This is called the religion of Luciferianism the religion of Babylon. If you call yourself a Christian you should understand these facts.       


I have written a poem to explain why I spoke about the people of Namibia called Black Rhino. This is just one of many crimes committed by these demons. After this Poem takes action and signs the petition to show our support.




While Our people's blood screams from the ground you feel it Sound to Strut and Proud.

Nazis Partied with the second Reich as they perfected the blight and stir up the fights.

Nazis Partied as the third Reich read the blueprints of Pappa's delight.

Now the fourth Reich is sitting fat and happy while we still broke and Slave-Nappy.

From the Dutch East Indies down to the Portuguese, the Trekboer to the Voor Voortrekkers instigators of War.

Shaka Zulu slides on the British side a major STYE upon our eyes. Have we forgotten that the snake lies?


While our people's Blood Screams from the grounds they feel it A-Okay to Strut and Proud.

Just another bookmark in our horror story that they call GLORY.

Trekboer claimin he was a farmer.

Then went from farmer to Voor Trekker to Boer Trekker to just Trekker to occupier to Genocide-er to Apartheid-er, then from the Apartheid-er to the divider, to the Son of a Nazi called the Decider. 

Bush Boer War Whores British Wish List World War. Spoils of war Namibia torn, Nama and Herero thrown under the floor another horror story Our stories. Now, where have we heard this before???


While the BLOOD of our people Screams from the ground why do we feel it sound to sit down?

While the Nazis party and live their dream, " can I see your Passport, please? "

While the Commies morph to Yankees controlling Our commodities through IMF lackeys these Sell Outs for crumbs as we still broke, deceived, slave-nappy, fake happy dead man walking dumb. While our People's BLOOD SCREAMS from our ground, We feel it A-Okay to Strut and Proud.

While our people's blood screams from the ground why oh why do we sit down.


- Plahu the Teacher 2014