The Purge became the Pause March 20th 2019 Count Down and the Trump Card.

PRAYER - The Message to AHYAH

First I want to give thanks to the reason for existence? The creator of all living things. For the breath that we breathe. For the beauty we see. I give thanks for all life on our beautiful Planet. I give thanks for love of my children and the joy they bring to my life. Thank you AHYAH for all things good and the lesson of wisdom from the bad. Thank you for your warnings and guidance. I ask that you continue to bless and guide us and letting us know you never left our side. Thank you Creator of all for keeping us from the beast. I ask that you open the ears of those that need this message. I ask that you open the eyes of those that need to see at this pivotal moment in time. Give your people knowledge of this demonic system of the Beast. Guide us in your Spirit AHYAH. I ask that you assist us in the ways of our ancestors. Guide us on how to totally destroy the Serpent and its demonic seed. Remind us that we have power over the Serpent. Thank you for protecting your people. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear you are free. Give thanks to AHYAH you are free! At this pivotal moment in time, the time of times I ask that you be with us Yahushua AHYAH All Praise AHYAH because we are living in the time of the great awakening the days of REVELATIONS, the unveiling of all things.

Thank you AHYAH all Praise AHYAH, all Praise AHYAH, all Praise AHYAH.


Today's date is November 3rd 2018 my name is Dawid Yacob Maccabeus A.K.A Plahu the Teacher. This broadcast is entitled The Purge became the Pause March 20th 2019 Count Down and the Trump Card. Welcome family and friends you are listening to Signs and Wonders the broadcast that came right on time. Before we begin I would like to say a message to AHYAH.

What is the Deep State?

On November 8th 2016 we witnessed Donald Trump become President of the United States of America. After this event we now see a new beast called the Deep State. We also witness the propaganda patrol aka mainstream media desperately try to stay relevant as watch the daily news lying about Russian collusion and ignore Pedophilia. We see them corrupt our electoral process as they steal the United States of America. We witness a news feed hatred towards Donald Trump. They want people to hate Trump more than being in poverty, more than having Monsanto poison the planet, more than vaccines causing Autism and more than the Zika virus causing birth defects. They want people to hate him more than World War III. Let's hate Trump and ignore peace and the denuclearization of North Korea. Let's ignore the need for Peace with Russia and the need for Peace with China. Instead let's agitate Iran and continue to destroy Syria. Let's ignore the genocide in Yemen, the enslavement of Libya, Sudan and Somalia. Instead keep your mind on Trump and Russian collusion. Ignore the fact that the world needs Peace and they want War as they keep your eyes on the masked provocateurs rioting and destroying like The Untouchables script line and sinker. See them usurp Black lives Matter? Watch them commit so called black crimes in white face? Did you see them turn the police against the Young Black Proud and Strong? Production paid in-full via the Open Society Foundation. Now we see them use propaganda groups like Antifa to perform the oldest trick in the book Order out of Chaos than you divide and Conquer.

Black Identity Extremists (BIE)

Now just in case you have been a sleep I want to remind you of something. On August 3rd 2017 the FBI unclassified the Law enforcement sensitive report that announced a threat of two groups one called Black Identity Extremists (BIE) and the other Black Separatist Extremists. Now think about this why did the CIA expose the FBI? 2018 was a great year for Black people. We saw the first Black Billion dollar blockbuster in the name of Black Panther. We see terms like stay woke trend on socialist media. We also see the ripping down of confederate statutes. And in South Africa we are introduced to Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom fighters. And in America we witness AntiFA creating Black Crime in white face. But hold on. The FBI labeled us Black Identity Extremist. The report claims the Murder of Michael Brown started the push to identify Black Separatist Extremists. And first on that list was the Black Separatist movements like the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan, then of course the Hebrew Israelite movements, the Black conscious community and those that believe in Black Nationalism.

Hebrews Wake Up image of African Leaders of America

For example if you know who Stokely Carmichael is or Steve Cokely, Khalid Abdul Muhammad, Leonard Jeffries, Ivan Van Sertima, John Henrik Clarke, Yosef Ben-Jochannan or any of the greats you are a Black Separatist and you are going on the list. Kind of like Cointelpro or the King Alfred Plan which they denied existed. Then we have Black Identity Extremist they decided to place the Moors on this list. The majority of the reported links the Moorish sovereign citizen movement to police violent. It links the police attacks to Black Identity Extremist and then they link the Moors to the crime. Now notice how when Black people shoot it's never label as a False Flag by the Alt Right. 2017 was suppose to be the start of hell for Black people but something very interesting happened. There was an abrupt change of plans.

First the Foreign Policy magazine's which is owned by The Graham Holdings Company leaks a copy of an FBI report in October 2017. The report claimed Black males were targeting police officers and a new threat was classified. Now keep in mind Jeff Bezos owns the Graham Holdings Company which changed its ownership from the Washington Post. The Washington Post has been a CIA propaganda tool since 1947. The new owner Jeff Bezos in 2013 was given a 600 million dollars cloud computing contracts from the CIA. Which means the relationship is still strong. So we have a Deep State declassification and then we see the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) and the Congressional Black Caucus push back against the FBI given us the illusion of a win. Now why did the CIA choose to change direction? 2018 was supposed to be horrible for Black people. Instead we witness black power go mainstream. Colin Kaepernick gets a Nike deal, Spike Lee releases BlacKKKlansman, the Afro comes back in Style and Jay-Z get a Grammy nomination for The Story of O.J.

Now keep in mind the plan is to create a war on what the FBI labels Black Identity Extremist and by now this would be in full swing. If the elections went in the other direction we would be in a civil war. In my opinion Trump derailed their plans. However we now see the updated plan which is to tie Black Consciousness with AntiFA just like they did with Black Lives Matter. Whether you are a true Socialists that believes in equality for all or a warrior for human rights you are being tied hip to hip with AntiFA. If you believe in protecting the Planet Earth and our environment, If you want clean air and sustainability, If you love peace and not war the mainstream media has labeled you an extremist. Just like they usurped Black Lives Matter and are committing black crime in white face. They will usurp and destroy. If you want true peace and justice they will make it a crime.

AntiFA can riot, assault police, destroy property and create total Chaos on prime time news without any repercussion. We see white people complaining about white privileged, white faces yelling down with white supremacy exposing the hypocrisy of white privilege live on CNN. On the other side of the coin. We see the Christian conservatives, the ones that claim their belief in the second Amendment, God, Freedom and the teachings of Jesus Christ. We see social media label good old fashion Americans Fascist, Racist and Far Right wing extremists. It looks like an abrupt change of plans. Turn on the news or search you-tube you will see America falling apart live on Fox News race baiting racist reports on racist repeat on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC XYZ. All of this is brought and paid for by the Deep State. These are called paid provocateurs harassing those whom they identify as fascists, racists and far right wing extremists while they plant seeds of a race war entirely funded and controlled by fools and that same old same old snake.

Now I know this is a lot to digest but you have to keep in mind we are in the last days. The serpent is a wise adversary and usurpation is the name of the game we are witnessing Order out of Chaos 101 live in real time.

Now let's analyze a question when did Donald Trump become a Fascist, Racist and far Right Wing Extremist? If you recall back in the 90's Donald Trump was the man to be. This is the same man that the National Broadcasting Company gave 15 seasons on the apprentice and now they are calling him a Fascist, Racist and far Right Wing Extremist. Keep in mind Trump co-author self-help books with Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow the Investment Game. Which I benefited from personally. These same people gave him a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame gave him membership into the Screen Actors Guild. This is the same man many Americans wanted to be. For over 30 years we've heard Trump's name in the music industry. Since the 80's Trump name was written in song. Even Prince wrote a song called Donald Trump (Black Version). And now America is supposed to have mass amnesia. Like Farrakhan says "if they build you up they can bring you down".

So the questions is this. Why has the propaganda media decided to re-brand Donald Trump a fascists, a racists and far right wing extremists? Well in-case you haven't figured it out It's to kill two birds with one stone. It should be obvious by now that Donald Trump was not supposed to win the 2016 presidency. This was not in the plan. The plan is to destroy the idea of American. The plan is distribute power to the controllers of the Planet. Now let's make one thing clear Donald Trump is not the real threat. We the people are the threat. America is not a Racist Nation, America is a Nation dealing with racism. America is a Nation manipulated. America is a very rich nation filled with people willing to die for freedom and the manipulators want it. And they know anyone of us can be a Donald Trump a free thinking independent spirit not controlled and off the plantation. They hate Trump because he commented the crime of leaving the reservation and speaking truth to power. Washington DC is a corrupt demonic swamp. The mainstream media is fake news. China is controlled by the parasitic elite. America is being destroyed from the inside out. I have been saying this for over 20 years. If you cannot see by now you need to open your eyes.

Hebrews Wake Up image of Donlad Trump Celebrity
Hebrews Wake Up image of Donald Trump Motivation books

That phrase Make America Great Again got people pissed off. Why? " How dare Donald Trump say America was ever great!" Yes we have major issues with poverty, racism, crime, hypocrisy and injustice. America is being destroyed from the inside out because of this. However all of this can be traced back to the parasite. Why is it a crime for anyone to wear a hat that says Make American Great Again? Because just the thought of you becoming more than they manipulated you to be is the threat. However many are too blind to see. Now if this statement Make America Great Again is a head scratch-er than you are letting the media manipulate your ability to think. But before you hit the turn off switch let me be clear, if you are an Indigenous Native an Original citizen of the land called America than Great was way before America existed also to the enslaved African living in America great was when we had Black Wall Street in Greenwood Oklahoma and when we had the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. It was when the Universal Negro Improvement Association existed and when the African Communities League gave birth to Marcus Garvey when the Gullah and Geechee people my ancestors bought the land they were en-slaved on. We all are a shadow of what our ancestors accomplished. In addition the many so called African Americans that identify as the Moorish sovereign citizen that escaped Chattel teach how to remain great. You can read these facts in books like When Rocks Cry Out or Lies My Teacher Told Me. We read accounts of European historians speak of the most beautiful city on Earth located in the new lands this city was "five times the size of Rome with great towers risings from the waters, people travel on the rivers like Venice there were beautiful floating gardens, this country was a completed paradise" way back in 1518 Centuries before there was an America. However when these facts are acknowledged the FBI makes it the biggest threat called Black Identity Extremist or Black Separatist. Yes America history is much more than slavery, Jim Crow and the welfare system. We are inventors, philosophers, poets, artist, singers, builders, teachers, preachers, entrepreneurs and architects of prosperity. We build it while they stole it.

Now I have to underline these facts because lies divide and the truth will set us free. The Geechee and Gullah peoples of Hilton Head Island, the destruction of Daily Record Newspaper during the Wilmington insurrection, the Red Summer riots of 1919 and The New York City Draft Riots to name just a few are examples of stole wealth and prosperity. We as a people if our wealth was not stolen by racist like Josephus Daniels and Benjamin Ryan Tillman would still be great. America would not have reached her level of greatness without the original Indigenous peoples, the enslaved African and those that came free. The seed of Kings and Queens are in America so yes we will "Make America Great Again" however this time not off of stolen prosperity America will be great because we all are free. Therefore if America is to be great again all must prosper everyone not just the offspring of the colonialist, the disenfranchised European immigrant or the devout demonic racist. We as a Nation have the potential to change the world.

Now on the flip side the propaganda media wants you to hate this statement without proper research. They need us to think small. The natural power of the mind is to think big. This statement is a mantra and mantras are the keys to success. Donald Trump coauthored books with Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and creator of Cash-flow board game. This is positive thinking 101, Think and grow Rich old school motivation. Make America Great Again is a mantra. However the propaganda media needs you to believe its racist. Now I hope you are woke enough to spot this deception. Life is what you make it. You are a free thinking human being in powered by the creator AHYAH. Your mind can shape America into a force of good or evil. It's our choice. This is why we have to keep our eyes open. This beast has been in control for a very long time. Only a sleeping idiot cannot see that a Colonized America can never be great. This is called a paradox. How can America be great if all of its people are not free? Unfortunately there is a small portion of racist Americans that cannot see that this is the problem. Slavery is slavery either the 1619 version or the present 2018 version if it's still happening today. America is a Nation dealing with racism because the snake manipulates this snake manipulates all countries, all nations it is the Snake. Way back from the Amalikites to the Hyksos to the Egyptians to the Hebrews to the Greeks of Rome to the Kings on the Throne there has always been the Snake. It creates conflicts and it steals the wealth.

In the year 2011 it was the Libyan conflict "We came we saw he died." This same snake created the divided African State that gave birth to the African conflict. This same snake created the Scramble for Africa of 1884 to AFRICOM 2008 masters of manipulation stealing prosperity worldwide time after time after time.

Now they are openly stealing the US of A live on Fox News flaming hate… release the bait another racist report at 8 repeat on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, XYZ 24 hours a day seven days a week. Watch Donald Trump being disrespected by lame stream media as they pissing off his base and fan the flames of hate brought and paid for by the Deep State. Now I know all of this is extremely confusing. Half of us are seeing the prophetic words of Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael AKA Kwame Ture, Steve Cokely, Khalid Abdul Muhammad, Leonard Jeffries, Ivan Van Sertima, John Henrik Clarke, Yosef Ben-Jochannan and many others visionaries coming to past. Many others are seeing Revelations coming to past, Ezekiel 37 is being fulfilled and the slaves of America are becoming free. However the seed of the serpent sees this as well. This is why they had to put the fear of a black Planet back on the map. The rise of the Black Messiah is in fact still a threat. This is the Red Summer riots 2019 Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 but the revolution will not be televised. At the moment It seems the election of Donald Trump disrupted the plan. The Black Identity Extremism is now placed on the back page. They were in the process of stealing the US of A, but they got caught in the act. They need you in La La Land go back to sleep. Ignore the FBI report Trump is bad. Ignore what Trump is exposing. Ignore the coming Global economic collapse go back to sleep.

Hebrews Wake Up image of parasitic media
Hebrews Wake Up image of propaganda media

Now before we get into what to do at this time, I have a question. Who do you think allowed Trump to beat Hilary Clinton? Think about it. Many of us know that America is a major part of the Beast system and when this part falls the world will celebrate. But if the idea of American falls than the World will not be free. Like I said this is a Paradox America the beast system has to fall for America become Great. The controlling parasites created to much bad karma on the Planet America has been used to destroy too many nations. We as a people of this Nation must acknowledge this fact our Nation has a parasitic infection and it has to be removed. Sometimes when the host removes the parasite the host dies. However if a well learned physician teaches you how to carefully remove the parasite the host will live. AHYAH is that well learned physician and Yahushua has shown us the way. It is written that we will remove this parasite without killing the people. Babylon the Great whore has to die. Signs of this is happening observe the Nations of Europe heading towards poverty Paris France and San Francisco have become the feces capitals of the World. The Americans people have to become entrepreneurs and self-sufficient we cannot utilize the wealth of destruction. We as a Nation must strive towards peace. We have to push for dialog with our manufactured and manipulated enemies. We are one human race sharing a Planet traveling thru our Universe. We all must equalize global trade by creating real free trade agreements. Why dose China have Trillions of dollars' worth of Trade while other Nations barely survive? We have to stop Slave trafficking by taking control of the borders. We have to stop drug trafficking and take control of the borders. We have to use alternative currencies like Block-chain and Bitcoin technology. This is not the mark of the beast this is a tool that will allow transparency, it will allow the decentralization of power and honest trade. We have to stop aggressive taxation so that small business can thrive. We must empower the middle class of all Nation. Spending power is people power. We all must keep our Spiritual beliefs strong. We must arrest the pedophiles and those the use blackmail to control. Stop supporting war and seek peace. Focus our attention on real sustainability for the life of our Planet which is the key to longevity "Yes we can make America Great Again thru positive action. Therefore Donald Trump was allowed to win so we can thrive again. Now I hope people are starting to see this. The Purge became the Pause.

This is The Parable of the Weeds Matthew 13: 36 – 43

The Parable of the Weeds

Then Yahushua sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him, saying, declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field. He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man; The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one; The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels. As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world. The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

So the question was, who do you think allowed Trump to beat Hilary? Are you a tare a child of the wicked one Or are a reaper a solider of AHYAH? The righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Can you see?

Those of you that still believe Hilary Clinton the Queen of the Deep State was the cure. You are the tares. The morally upright first have to realize that America has already fallen. This Country is in serious debt and Donald Trump is the last elected President of the United States of America. After September 11th 2001 America lost her freedom, after the Financial Crisis of 2008 America lost her wealth and both were stolen by the parasitic ruling class. The 2008 global financial crisis is still in effect this we are living Revelations 18:

" How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is Yahuah Our Yah who judgeth her. And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more. "
Hebrews Wake Up image of Deep State
Hebrews Wake Up image of Deep State

The so called Deep State along with the Shadow governments of the World are using Countries like the United States to destroy our Planet called Earth. These Countries make up the system of Babylon. The European Union is Babylon, the system of world government is manipulated by the agents of Babylon. The World Bank, the IMF Bank for International Settlements are the weeds sowed by the devil and they need to be uprooted. Politicians like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, Hilary Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy, George Bush and Barack Obama fed the beast when they were in the seats of power and now they are continuing their plans using anarchist and provocateurs. The main groups are called Antifa or far right nationalist. They will use these puppets to destroy America. When you begin to hear reports of Black Identity Extremist fighting Far Right Nationalist the civil war has begun the manipulation will turn real Martial law will be called and America as we know it will end. When this happens the System of the Beast will cease to be. However we can control our fate only if you stay awake to the manipulation. Order out of chaos has been done many times in the past. Now I'm going to go back in time to show how this moment in time resembles our resent past so that you can see that there is nothing new under the Sun. I will start by explaining the birth of Antifa?

What the hell is Antifa?

"According to WickedPedia States: (English: /ænˈtiːfə/ or /ˈæntiˌfɑː/) The movement is a conglomeration of left wing autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist militant groups in the United States. The principal feature of antifa groups is their use of direct action, harassing those whom they identify as fascists, racists or right wing extremists. Conflicts are both on-line and in real life. They engage in violent protest tactics, which has included property damage and physical violence. They tend to be anti-capitalist and they are predominantly far-left and militant left, which includes anarchists, communists and socialists. Their stated focus is on fighting far-right and white supremacist ideologies directly, rather than politically."

Okay are you starting to see the picture? This is happening in the news today. In order to understand the present manipulation we have to go back in time about 74 years during World War II. This was another moment in history when the powerful parasitic ruling class had to shift control from one hand to another this time it was from the Aristocrats to the Industrialist. Keep in mind the enemy of the Industrialist are the working class. The working class are those that freed themselves from feudalism. Feudalism creates Serfdom and Serfs are slaves. Slaves are the source of wealth because of free labor and free labor built the wealth of the Aristocrats. Slavery allows the ruling class to remain in control of our Planet at the present the modern Serfs are from China, India, Africa, South America, Vietnam, North Korea and nations visited by the economic hit man. Many of us are clueless how this system works. The western nations that won the war also continue to steal the wealth thru Crony capitalism. Here is a quick article to expand on this fact.

US Trade Deficit With China and Why It's So High The Real Reason American Jobs Are Going to China BY KIMBERLY AMADEO Updated August 21, 2018 The U.S. trade deficit with China was $375 billion in 2017. The trade deficit exists because U.S. exports to China were only $130 billion while imports from China were $506 billion. The United States imported from China $77 billion in computers and accessories, $70 billion in cell phones and $54 billion in apparel and footwear. A lot of these imports are from U.S. manufacturers that send raw materials to China for low-cost assembly. Once shipped back to the United States, they are considered imports. In 2017, China imported from America $16 billion in commercial aircraft, $12 billion in soybeans, and $10 billion in autos. In 2018, China canceled its soybean imports after President Trump started a trade war. He imposed tariffs on Chinese steel exports and other goods.

American Jobs Are Going to China because. China can produce many consumer goods at lower costs than other countries can. Americans, of course, want these goods for the lowest prices. How does China keep prices so low? Most economists agree that China's competitive pricing is a result of two factors: Factor one: A lower standard of living, which allows companies in China to pay lower wages to workers.

Okay now let's expand on factor one because this is how you create Serfdom. Compare a striving community in the 50s 60s 70s and 80s to a 2018 lower standard of living community in China. According to " Chinese factory workers are now getting paid more than ever: Average hourly wages hit $3.60 last year, spiking 64 percent from 2011, according to market research firm Euromonitor. That's more than five times hourly manufacturing wages in India, and is more on par with countries such as Portugal and South Africa."

That means before 2017 workers in China earned $1.29 cents per hour. Now compare this to $24 per Hour in the United States. Even with the 64% in-cress can you survive on $3.60? Lets put this in perspective this is $576 dollars per month before taxes. After tax its $432 dollars per Month. Can you live on this in America? After you pay rent, buy food, pay bills, pay for child care and health care can you survive on $432 dollars per Month? This is how you create a slave. Now hold on it gets worse because those making 3.60 are fortunate this is 5 times more than the average Serf makes. Let's do the math 5 divide by 3.60 is 0.72 cents per hour that is $5.76 a day which is $28.80 a week which gives you $115 per Month. When you make $115 per month you have no power. These numbers are trivial because most worker are paying off debt to work. They are slaves used by the corporations that shipped the jobs away.

Factor two an exchange rate that is partially fixed to the dollar. If the United States implemented trade protectionism, U.S. consumers would have to pay high prices for their "Made in America" goods. It's unlikely that the trade deficit will change. Most people would rather pay as little as possible for computers, electronics, and clothing, even if it means other Americans lose their jobs.

Now think about this. The people of China, Portugal, India, South Africa and other nations are victim of the economic hit men forced to live on less than $115 dollars per week. This is slavery. Are you starting to see the big picture? This is why when you hear Donald Trump forcing manufacturing back into the United States the corporatism media goes crazy. Yes this move will make everything extremely expensive, but it will start to equalize trade and free slaves. People will be forced to consume alternatives. Doing this will cause the parasites to loss control. This will have a similar effect like it had during the 18th century revelations which planted the seeds of AntiFA.

Okay for a better understanding I will read the definition of Serfdom "Serfdom is the status of many peasants under feudalism which is the condition of bondage, which developed primarily during the High Middle Ages in Europe and lasted in some countries until the mid-19th century." " in Russia over 23 million privately held serfs were freed from their lords by an edict of Alexander II in 1861. The owners were compensated through taxes on the freed serfs. State serfs were emancipated in 1866." Now observe the timeline 1865 is the same time when enslaved Africans in the Americas freed themselves after the Civil War. In 1866 the Tsar Alexander II emancipated the slaves of Russia. Now do you think that was a coincidence? Did this " remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection. "it's no coincidence that this new burst of innovation has occurred in the free nations" synonyms: accident, chance, serendipity, fortuity, providence, happenstance, fate; a fluke "too close to be mere coincidence"

Now let's go over a little more history. Why back in 1866 the parasitic ruling class were called Lords. At this time the Aristocrats controlled the planet. Slavery was a Global system of trade between the Monarchies. The Tars of Russia came from this nobility thru the Kings of Europe. We can still see the offspring of them today for example the Queen of Denmark, the King of Norway, the King of Sweden, the Queen of the United Kingdom and the powerful 1% banking Cartel that control the World economies. They control the Global system of trade today and the system of yesterday. Therefore when the American civil war freed the slaves it had an effect on the entire system of world trade. This had a major effected on Alexander II the Tsar of Russia. He saw the writing on the wall. The people of Russia wanted freedom but the Aristocrats needed slaves. Regardless Alexander II freed the slaves and 15 years later he was rewarded with his assassination. On March 13 1881 a member of a group called The Peoples Will strapped a boom to his body and killed the Tsar of Russia. Now what to learn from this event is the following The Peoples Will was part of the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries, the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries came out of the 1848 revelations this period was called the Spring of Nations. Keep in mind 162 years later this same manipulated Problem Reaction Solution is now called the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring is now being used to destabilization Europe while creating the opposition called far right Nationalism Order out of Chaos 101. Okay now what does this have to do with Antifa? This will be explained thru what is called Propaganda of the Deed.

Hebrews Wake Up image of Propaganda of the Deed.
Hebrews Wake Up image of Propaganda of the Deed Antifa

Propaganda of the deed is specific political action meant to be exemplary to others and serve as a catalyst for revolution. It is primarily associated with acts of violence perpetrated by proponents of insurrectionist anarchism in the late 19th and early 20th century, including bombings and assassinations aimed at the ruling class, but also had non-violent applications. These "deeds" were to ignite the "spirit of revolt" in the people by demonstrating the state was not omnipotent and by offering hope to the downtrodden, and also to expand support for anarchist movements as the state grew more repressive in its response. In 1881, the International Anarchist Congress of London gave the tactic its approval.

Now we are told that the Propaganda of the deed is used to ignite the Spirit of Revolt therefore this Spirit can be used as a weapon. Okay now before we move forward we first have to understand the events that created these organizations. There would not be a Propaganda of the deed without the International Working-men's Association (IWA) this was created to unify trade-unions and libertarians. The libertarians were those that fought for liberty and equality just 100 years earlier on March 1 1781 the Articles of Confederation are ratify and on the other side of the Globe the French Revolution forces the Abolition of feudalism in France. This act inspires the creation of republics, democracies and leads to the spread of Liberalism and Nationalism. Between 1781 and 1881 we have the Napoleonic Wars which gave rise to the Rothschild banking cartel and place Europe on the path of World War. These wars lead to the true spirit of revolt which continued to destroy federalism and in 1865 the Africans enslaved in America are free and the Slaves of Russia. During these events the International Working-men's Association (IWA) is created in 1864.

The IWA last for 12 years before it is dissolved because of the internal conflict between the Anarchist and a new group created by Karl Marx called the communist. The core of the conflict was criticism from the Libertarians towards the communist because they argued that they would become dictators. Here is a quote " Mikhail Bakunin characterized Karl Marx's ideas as authoritarian, and argued that if a Marxist party came to power its leaders would end up as bad as the ruling class they had fought against ". Keep in mind this was way back in 1868 long before Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Kim Il-sung, the Soviet Union and Maoism. Unfortunately by the Second International Organization of 1889 the IWA was dissolved. The group was now called the Communist International Working Union of Socialist Parties Labor and Socialist International. Therefore according to history the Propaganda of the deed is a creation of Communist not Libertarians. The International Anarchist Congress of 1881 approved The Peoples Will to assassinate Alexander II the Tar of Russia that freed the Slave. Why? Because the spirit of revolt is now a tool of the parasitic elite.

They hijacked Socialism. Now keep in mind there are two types of socialism. Like everything good the beast corrupts. Socialism comes from Egalitarianism which means equal the Egalitarian doctrines maintain that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or social status.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary " the term has two distinct definitions in modern English: either as a political doctrine that all people should be treated as equals and have the same political, economic, social and civil rights; or as a social philosophy advocating the removal of economic inequalities among people, economic egalitarianism, or the decentralization of power. "

Roots of Egalitarianism can be found in all major spiritual beliefs. The Spirit is free, freedom Egalitarianism and before the European version of socialism existed Egalitarianism was the norm in many parts of Africa. Unfortunately the European version of socialism entered into Africa during Pan African movement. This form of Socialism is called the Fabian Society. The same Society that founded the London School of Economics and Political Science. George Soros received his Bachelor of Science and his Masters from the Society and in 1954 hit the ground running. When you do your research you will see how this beast uses the alumni to control the world. The London School of Economic and the Fabian society truly is the Wolf in Sheep clothing.

Now I'm going to discuss The Revolutions of 1848, known in some countries as the Spring of Nations, People's Spring, Springtime of the Peoples, or the Year of Revolution, were a series of political upheavals throughout Europe in 1848. It remains the most widespread revolutionary wave in European history.

The revolutions were essentially democratic and liberal in nature, with the aim of removing the old monarchical structures and creating independent nation states. The first revolution began in January in Sicily. Revolutions then spread across Europe after a separate revolution began in France in February. Over 50 countries were affected, but with no significant coordination or cooperation among their respective revolutionaries. According to Evans and von Strandmann (2000), some of the major contributing factors were widespread dissatisfaction with political leadership, demands for more participation in government and democracy, demands for freedom of the press, other demands made by the working class, the upsurge of nationalism, and the regrouping of established government forces.

The uprisings were led by ad hoc coalitions of reformers, the middle classes and workers, which did not hold together for long. Tens of thousands of people were killed, and many more were forced into exile. Significant lasting reforms included the abolition of serfdom in Austria and Hungary, the end of absolute monarchy in Denmark, and the introduction of representative democracy in the Netherlands. The revolutions were most important in France, the Netherlands, the states of the German Confederation that would make up the German Empire in the late 19th and early 20th century, Italy, and the Austrian Empire.

Okay as you can see after 1848 the Communist Party and the Fabian Society join forces to create the ruling class today. Propaganda of the deed is now call Antifa.
Hebrews Wake Up image of the root of Fabian
Hebrews Wake Up image of The Fabian Society

Today we see Antifa being used to create Chaos in the streets of America this is a mirror of the 1920s and 1930s. The Anti-Racist of 1920s can trace their roots to Propaganda of the deed which gave birth to the Bolsheviks and the creation of the Soviet Union. A deeper studies shows us that since 1848 a hidden hand has always been manipulating behind the scene. For example Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution written by Anthony Sutton. He explain how fascist are controlling both sides as anti-fascist become Socialist and Socialist become Fabians. We see how the Fabians created The London School of Economics and Political Science in 1895.

The same institution that promotes Keynesian economics created by John Maynard Keynes the corner stone of Krony Capitalism. Now keep this in mind and do not let this information pass you by. The Fabian Society created The London School of Economics and Political Science. Out of this comes the power to push Keynesian economics which took the World off of the Gold Standard and after World War II during the famous Bretton Woods Conference Keynesian economics developed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. We now see the Economic hit man working for the World Bank while the London School Of Economics educated the billionaires that control the Global. Which is Ironic because the Fabian's are Socialist.

Here is a quick read of Fabianism and the empire: a manifesto by the Fabian society and I quote: Shaw,

Our purpose here, however, is not to call idly on the Government or the nation to "make an effort." We know well that the effort we desire can only be made by men who have our ideas and our faith in our ideas. If we were Conservatives or Liberals ourselves, we, too, should be lazy, cynical, indifferent, ignorant, skeptical as to the value of measures which would be to us aimless. By placing our ideas at the disposal of the Liberal Party, and adapting them to its use by enlarging the Nottingham Program to the Newcastle one,- we only precipitated its present ruin. We frankly say now that the Conservative Party will fall into the same confusion by meddling with the measures we propose, and trying to unsocialize them by throwing the cost of them on some scapegoat class instead of on the whole community, as it has already thrown the cost of national insurance against accidents on the employers. The confusion will last until conscious Socialism creates a party with a purpose and a faith ; and then English statesmen will once more have a craft and master it. We have never affected a humble estimate as to the future of Socialism in England.

Long before Mr. John Morley made the discovery, we said plainly enough that when the exhaustion of Liberal ideas led to the disappearance of Liberal leadership (which is precisely what has now happened), Liberalism would be supplanted in its representation of progressive ideas by Socialism. " You must either follow the Socialists," says Mr. Morley, in effect, u or follow me; and I have no particular destination to lead you to." Mr. Chamberlain, still brisk enough to start out on the chance of turning up some- where, has already compelled the Conservatives to follow him by forcing the same alternative on them. He, too, will presently find that there is only one way forward. That way is our way the way of International Socialism. "VVe are quite aware that our countrymen will not believe us. We can only say that as soon as they find an alternative we shall be ready to discuss it : meanwhile, Nature abhors a Vacuum, and will fill it with Socialism because nothing else is available.


George Bernard Shaw - Fabianism and the empire NOTES: Wikipedia: Shaw declared that "until the Federation of the World becomes an accomplished fact we must accept the most responsible Imperial federations available as a substitute for it".

Now keep in mind the Federation of the World is what the Nazis called the Federal Europe which was planned by the Bilderberg's and the CIA in 1954. Jean-Baptiste Nicolas Robert Schuman was one of the founding fathers of the European Union, the Council of Europe and NATO. You can read this from a report on as followed.

The EU's Architects: Nazis and Nazi Collaborators:

" To complement his «Fourth Reich-Lite», Schuman advocated a military alliance to give it muscle. It was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Schuman served as a post-war French foreign and prime minister. Schuman's collaborators in his plan to create a federal Europe were fellow Frenchman and OSS/CIA asset Jean Monnet and German chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who, as pre-war mayor of Cologne and president of the Prussian State Council, provided the Nazis with various perks, including the right to fly Nazi flags from Cologne city flagpoles.

Another founding father of the EU was Walter Hallstein, a German lawyer who belonged to a number of Nazi professional groups and who fought as a lieutenant in a Wehrmacht artillery regiment in northern France, Hallstein was captured by the Americans and served out the remaining of the war in a prisoner-of-war camp in Mississippi. Western history books and the always-dubious Wikipedia, have whitewashed the Nazi credentials of EU founders like Schuman, Adenauer, and Hallstein."

WAYNE MADSEN | 02.07.2016 |

Now let's play connect the dots. The Fabian Society was founded on 4 January 1884, The London School of Economics and Political Science is created 11 years later in 1895, George Bernard Shaw authors Fabianism and the empire: a manifesto by the Fabian society in 1900. Keynesian economics took the World off of the Gold Standard after World War I, In 1944 after World War II during the famous Bretton Woods Conference Keynesian economics developed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Creating the Economic hit man agents for the IMF which created the poverty we see in the 3rd World.. This cause destabilization which create dictators and coups and ownership of resources. This cause mass migration into stable economies causing in stability and the Billionaires get richer by destroying the middle class. This is why 14000 people are migrating from Honduras, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. These countries are economically unstable and this falls into the Fabian plan of Socialism.

"He, too, will presently find that there is only one way forward. That way is our way the way of International Socialism."

This is a long term plan in the book called Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler we see how major global corporation like IG Farben BASF Bayer, JP Mogon Chase Bank, Bank of America, National City Bank, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, Merck & Co, General Electric, Exxon Mobil former Standard Oil and other powerful corporations way back in he 30s and 40s profited from both sides of the Wars. We also learned that Nazi organization were absorbed into the so called Deep State during the creation of the CIA and this became the hidden government that controls world affairs thru groups like the Council on Foreign Relations.

This is the multi headed snake usurping government via secret and not so secret societies. We see how they created the European Union and the Euro the system being used to impose austerity on member states. We see members of the CFR working in all major governments and so called NGOs and through organizations like the Open Society Foundations as they fund Propaganda of the deed via AntiFA. We see the McCain Institute for International Leadership and the Clinton Foundation being used to push their agendas. The destruction of the family unit, gender confusion, feminism being used to destroy masculinity which is the protection of society. This is how the Shadow governments operates. They use front foundations and intelligence agencies to control the masses via deception. It was the Fabian Society that picked the leaders of the Pan Africa Revelation. It was the Fabian Society that destroyed these same leaders. Just like they pick the leaders of the United States they also can destroy the leaders of the United States.

Now let's get back to Donald Trump. After Trump became President we SEE the propaganda mainstream media losing totally control. We witnessed this after they lost the 2016 election. We saw this in the release of all of the WikiLeaks documents. From 1944 till 2016 the 72 year time span after WWII the Deep State has had total control of America. But now we are seeing the mind control weaken. Those of us that read scriptures can see Revelations being fulfilled. Those of us that read scriptures and believe in the Word have eyes to see and ears to hear. Keep in mind without a place to call home you roam when you roam you have no home the homeless become immigrants and Immigrants become surfs and Serfdom is the status of peasants under feudalism the condition of bondage the creation of a slave the 1% demonic elite class are creating the new 2018 system of feudalism. Are you starting to see the big picture? This is not about Trump this is about you. You do not own the Media. You do not own the Bank. You do not own the resources that they covet. To them you are a useless eater taking up space on our Planet they stole. They are stealing children's future. They are stealing your time and your life. If this is not true prove me wrong do your own research. When you come back listen deep.

Hebrews Wake Up image of Deep State
Hebrews Wake Up image of Deep State

If you believe in voting Vote. Check out the Walk Away Movement. Check out both BLEXIT movements the escape from slave version and the Black economic version and yes the Democratic Party is not your friend…wake up, the Republican Party is not your friend…wake up both are corrupt to the core…we have to start over however the last elected president is the pause. The Equinox of March 20th 2019 will be the Count down towards Freedom. Crypto Currency, Bitcoin and the Block-chain in the correct hands will bring down system of Babylon. The September 22nd Equinox of 2018 marked the half way point. October 27th and the sacrifice of the 11 equals 9 11 observe the 44 those that have eyes please see the Signs of the Times. You will be isolated. America will be and is no more! Time will slip faster and faster until collapse. America has Hurt, Stole, Maimed, Impoverished, Sickened, Extinct and totally Destroyed too many. She Must Fall! AHYAH has said spoken It! This is what we see. Are you of the elect or Very elect?

We do have a solution it's called Peace. Peace will reign for 1000 years. The goal of the demonic Elite is to make you poor because poor people have no power. Poverty is their key to our Planet. We reside on a Planet of plenty. 100% free with energy everywhere. From the Wind to the Sun and the Rain. Harness it correctly one thunderstorm can power a city, raw power comers from the Sun. Harness the Sun harness free energy. Life comes from the Sun and the Sun is 100% free. The so called elite want all of us poor on a Planet of plenty hiding the fact that we all are free. We do not need them, we can manage on our own, and they are parasites their nature is rubbing mankind of its true purpose which is to thrive. They have made our Earth is sick, our Planet has a parasitic infection. Now how do you cure yourself from this infection? Step one stop doing business with the beast. The power they have is the power we give. Start creating decentralized, independent and alternative business, create shopping organizations, real Social Networks, real media centers and real entertainment industry. Any one of these is a multi-Billion Dollar opportunity. Be your own Bank, duplicate Gab, duplicate Bit chute, duplicate Minds Social media network, check out Steemit, build on Ethereum Blockchain create a Hyperboria mesh Network and create your freedom have no fear because AHYAH is with us and Yahushua also known as Jesus the Christ has shown us the way. We have the victory. All Praise AHYAH, All Praise AHYAH, All Praise AHYAH.

I am your Host Dawid Yacob Maccabeus PLAHU the Teacher. See you in the renaissance.