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Before we begin I would like to Open with a message to our Father. To The Most High YAH AHYAH, I thank you for another opportunity to speak to your children. I thank you for the coming of the Messiah YAHUSHUAH. I ask you, Father, that you bless this broadcast. I ask that you bind and bound any demonic influence that will try to hinder it Father AHYAH. I ask that you give this message to those that need it, Father. I ask that you remind us of your Covenant that you made with Abraham, Isaac and our father Yacob. I pray that you bless us with understanding. I come to you with a humble heart Father. I ask you to hear this message in the name of you gift your love the Messiah YAHUSHUAH. Hallelujah

Let your motto be resistance! resistance! resistance!—No oppressed people have ever secured their liberty without resistance. What kind of resistance you had better make, you must decide by the circumstances that surround you, and according to the suggestion of expediency. Brethren, adieu. Trust in the living Yah. Labor for the peace of the human race, and remember that you are three million."

David Walker the Appeal 1830

Welcome again thank you for tuning in. The name of this broadcast is entitled Rise Of The Black Messiah Pawns and Rebels. This is Part Two of a three-part series. You can listen to part on at Blog Talk Radio under Signs and Wonders or you can visit the HWUNET website at HebrewsWakeUp.com or HWUNET.org that's HWUNET.ORG. Okay, I would like to begin this broadcast with a quote from a man by the name David Walker. Author of a 76-page pamphlet that was so dangerous that if you were caught with it, you could be lynched, whipped or imprison. This pamphlet is called"

The Appeal to the Coloured Citizens Of the World" written in 1829.

And it Reads:
"...show me a page of history, either sacred or profane, on which a verse can be found, which maintains, that the Egyptians heaped the insupportable insult upon the children of Yacob, by telling them that they were not of the human family."

"I have been for years troubling the pages of historians to find out what our fathers have done to the white Christians of America, to merit such condign punishment as they have inflicted on them, and do continue to inflict on us their children. But I must aver, that my researches have hitherto been to no effect. I have therefore come to the immovable conclusion, that they (Americans) have, and to continue to punish us for nothing else, but for enriching them and their country. For I cannot conceive of anything else. Nor will I ever believe otherwise until the Lord shall convince me." David Walker True Rebel 1829

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Now to understand this broadcast we have to take it to the root. We have to understand that all of this has a begging. The usurpation of the Hebrews had an effect on this world. The so-called curse of Ham was used to create the world we see today. It made Great Britain the power it is. It made America the power it is. It allowed the Amalekites to hid their seed in the nations. It allowed The Seed Of Yacob to be enslaved for hundreds of years. So let's uproot the cause of this deception and see where it all began. We are going to start with a decree called Dum Diversa.

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And it reads:
"In 1452, Pope Nicholas V issued the papal bullDum Diversas, granting Afonso V the right to reduce "Saracens, pagans and any other unbelievers" to hereditary slavery. This approval of slavery was reaffirmed and extended in the Romanus Pontifex bull of 1455 (also by Nicholas V). These papal bulls came to serve as a justification for the subsequent era of slave trade and European colonialism. "

And this is from the Romanus Pontifex:

"since we had formerly by other letters of ours granted among other things free and ample faculty to the aforesaid King Alfonso -- to invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ wheresoever placed, and the kingdoms, dukedoms, principalities, dominions, possessions, and all movable and immovable goods whatsoever held and possessed by them and to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery"

And it Reads:

"In 1493 Pope Alexander VI issued Inter caetera stating one Christian nation did not have the right to establish dominion over lands previously dominated by another Christian nation, thus establishing the Law of Nations. Together, the Dum Diversas, the Romanus Pontifex and the Inter Caetera came to serve as a justification for the Discovery Doctrine and the Age of Imperialism."

So what has the established religions and nations told us what this curse means?

And it reads:

"The Curse of Ham is a possible misnomer,[1] for the Curse of Canaan. The curse refers to Noah cursing Ham's offspring Canaan, for Ham's own transgression against his father, according to Genesis in the Hebrew Bible. The debate regarding upon whom the curse fell has raged for at least two thousand years, as early as Classical antiquity. Most commentators agree with the literal text of Genesis that it was Canaan who was cursed for the sin of his father, Ham. Racial Interpretations of the curse of Ham have been used to promote racist religious ideologies, typically based in Abrahamic religions, to justify the enslavement of Black Africans."

Now here is the same account in ´the book of Jubilees:

And it Reads:
"And he rejoiced and drank of this wine, he and his 7 children with joy. And it was evening, and he went into his tent, and being drunken he lay down 8 and slept, and was uncovered in his tent as he slept. And Ham saw Noah his father naked, and 9 went forth and told his two brethren without. And Ham took his garment and arose, he and Japheth, and they placed the garment on their shoulders and went backward and covered the shame10 of their father, and their faces were backward. And Noah awoke from his sleep and knew all that his younger son had done unto him, and he cursed his son and said: 'Cursed be Canaan; an 11 enslaved servant shall he be unto his brethren.' And he blessed Shem, and said: 'Blessed be the 12 The Most High YAH of Shem, and Canaan shall be his servant.

YAH shall enlarge Japheth, and YAH shall 13 dwell in the dwelling of Shem and Canaan shall be his servant.' And Ham knew that his father had cursed his younger son, and he was displeased that he had cursed his son. and he parted from 14 his father, he and his sons with him, Cush and Mitzrayim and Put and Canaan. And he built for 15 himself a city and called its name after the name of his wife Ne'elatama'uk." Now, this version is a lot less cryptic the Kings James Version.
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This article states and I quote: "The debate regarding upon whom the curse fell has raged for at least two thousand years, as early as Classical antiquity. " So when was the first written account of this deception? Well, you need to look no further than the Talmud. But before we look at the Talmud. I am going to read another reference from a man by the name of Origen Adamantius or you can call him Origen of Alexandria. He is regarded as one of the Chruch Fathers. Okay now, this is taken from Origen Of Alexandria he lived in year 185-254.

This is from a book called "Homilies on Genesis 16.1" And it Reads: "

According to the trustworthiness of scripture, no Egyptian was free. For 'Pharaoh reduced the people to slavery to himself', nor did he leave anyone free within the borders of the Egyptians, but freedom was taken away in the land of Egypt.

And perhaps, for this reason, it is written: 'I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.' Egypt, therefore, became the house of bondage and, what is more unfortunate, of voluntary bondage." "For the Egyptians are prone to a degenerate life and quickly sink to every slavery of the vices. Look at the origin of the race and you will discover that their father Cham, who had laughed at his father's nakedness, deserved a judgment of this kind, that his son Chanaan should be a servant to his brothers, in which case the condition of bondage would prove the wickedness of his conduct. Not without merit, therefore, does the discolored posterity imitate the ignobility of the race"

This word Ignobility means to be common. Not noble in quality. So this church father is seeing his self above the Egyptians because they are "DISCOLORED". Now, this is back in the 2nd Century AD almost 2000 years ago. Now understand this phrase "The discolored Posterity" is taken from his book called: Homilies on Genesis 16 written in the 2nd century AD. The is Very important to know. So we can track down the root of this deception.

This church father Origen of Alexandria received his information from the Greek Bible called the Septuagint. Now keep in mind the Septuagint was written 3rd century BC Before Christianity over 500 years prior in Alexandria Eygpt. The writers we are told were 72 usurpers. They wrote the book in 72 days. We are told this by another church father by the name of Philo Of Alexandria. We are also told this account in a book called the Babylonian Talmud. Okay now here is a little background.

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The Seleucid Empire which was created out of the leadership of Alexander the Great is uprooting cultures and Hellenize everything in its path. Egypt, Persia, Babylon, and Jerusalem. Every nation white or black is being brought under one roof, all of the religion are becoming Hellenize.

Now we have a man by the name of Ptolemy II Philadelphus ordering the creation of a book called the Septuagint. The Septuagint is the book that was written by the 72 Usurpers in 72 days. Okay, they translated the book from Hebrews to Greek. So now we have the first constructed bible in the Greek tongue. Now here I would like to make a point. we are also told that the true translation was not completed until around 132 BC. Why is this date important? Because in the year 191 BC we have an event that will change that fate of the Hebrews forever. But before I explain I want to speak about a powerful group of 71 Sages called the Sanhedrin.

Here is a quick Explanation from the Jewish Virtual Library.

And It Reads:
"The ancient Jewish court system was called the Sanhedrin. The Great Sanhedrin was the supreme religious body in the Land of Israel during the time of the Holy Temple. There were also smaller religious Sanhedrins in every town in the land of Israel, as well as a civil political-democratic Sanhedrin. These Sanhedrins existed until the abolishment of the rabbinic patriarchate in about 425 C.E. The earliest record of a Sanhedrin is by Josephus who wrote of a political Sanhedrin convened by the Romans in 57 B.C.E." Now keep that in mind how are the Romans are assembling the Sanhedrin in 57 BC.

"Hellenistic sources generally depict the Sanhedrin as a political and judicial council headed by the country's ruler. Tannaitic sources describe the Great Sanhedrin as a religious assembly of 71 sages who met in the Chamber of Hewn Stones in the Temple in Jerusalem"

Here is the History of the Sanhedrin and how it came to power.

And it Reads:
"The Sanhedrin as a body claimed powers that lesser Jewish courts did not have. As such, they were the only ones who could try the king, extend the boundaries of the Temple and Jerusalem, and were the ones to whom all questions of law were finally put. Before 191 BC the High Priest acted as the ex officio head of the Sanhedrin, but in 191 BC, when the Sanhedrin lost confidence in the High Priest, the office of NASI was created. After the time of Hillel the Elder (late 1st century BC and early 1st century AD), the Nasi was almost invariably a descendant of Hillel. The second highest-ranking member of the Sanhedrin was called the Av Beit Din, or "Head of the Court" (literally, Beit Din = "house of law"), who presided over the Sanhedrin when it sat as a criminal court."

Okay, there are a few things in this article that I would like to bring to your attention:

First who was this man named Hillel the Elder?

"Hillel was born in Babylon and, according to the Iggeret of Rav Sherira Gaon
(a comprehensive history of the composition of the Talmud from the 10th century CE), Hillel descended from the Tribe of Benjamin on his father's side, and from the family of David on his mother's side.

Nothing definite, however, is known concerning his origin, nor is he anywhere called by his father's name, which may have been Gamlie"

I advise you to listen to a broadcast on HWUNET.org called the seed of Benjamin to understand why this is important. You will notice a pattern. Every time the Hebrews experience drama the cause of the drama is of the Seed Of Benjamin. Now keep in mind the Hebrew seed passes from the Father. As I stated in Rise Of The Black Messiah Part One.

What about this word NASI? As it Reads:
"Before 191 BC the High Priest acted as the ex officio head of the Sanhedrin, but in 191 BC, when the Sanhedrin lost confidence in the High Priest, the office of Nasi was created."

Here is an article that will explain what this is:

And it reads:
"During the Second Commonwealth (c. 530 BCE - 70 CE), the nasi was the highest-ranking member and president of the Sanhedrin or Assembly, including when it sat as a criminal court. The position was created in c. 191 BCE when the Sanhedrin lost confidence in the ability of the High Priest to serve as its head.[1] The Romans recognized the nasi as Patriarch of the Jews, and required all Jews to pay him a tax for the upkeep of that office, which ranked highly in the Roman official hierarchy."

This year 191 BC keeps coming up. What happens in this year? But before I answer this I have two questions. Why is this important? And how does this relate to "Rise Of The Black Messiah Pawn and Rebels?"

Well the reason why this is important is that the ROOT of the so-called curse of Ham was used to place us in this state. We have to understand our past to know where we are. And we have to know where we are to know where we are going. The FBI's creation of Cointelpro is an example of the effects of the lie. You see this need to stop the Rise of Black Messiah was not thought of in the 1960s by J Edgar Hoover. Remember the seed of Yacob has an old enemy. That serpent is at war with us as it states in the book of Exodus.

(Yahuwah is my Flag or Banner – This is saying YAHUWAH is our protection) YAHUWAH NISSI

"For he said Because YAHUWAH hath sworn that YAHUWAH will have war with Amalek from generation to generation. "

You see it's important because we have to recognize the blueprint of the enemy. He Modus Operandi is to usurp his prey. This serpent has become his prey. We can see an example of this taken place in the events of 191 BC. Now, how does this relate to the Rise of the black messiah Pawns and Rebels? Well because the core of the Hermetic Myth was planted by the seed of deception. And within this seed was the lies placed in the book called the Babylonian TALMUD. And this book was pushed by the Sanhedrin.

The Sanhedrin was not in our control. The Sanhedrin was created under the Greek Empire. It was controlled by the Roman Empire. And was filled with 71 demonic Qabala reading imposters called Sages. The imposter used this office of power to totally destroy the Hebrews of Yacob and drive them out of their land. Know to listen to Genesis 3:15 AHYAH is speaking to the Serpent and it reads:

Genesis 3: 15:
"And I will putH7896 enmityH342 betweenH996 thee and the woman,H802 and betweenH996 thy seedH2233 and her seed;H2233 itH1931 shall bruiseH7779 thy head,H7218 and thouH859 shalt bruiseH7779 his heel.H6119"

The takeover of the LEVITES

The Original Hebrews Image

Here is the root, the core of the deception. This is how the curse of Ham made it's why into scriptures, and how the Seed of Yacob are taken out. How the Seat of Arron the Levites are usurped in the Year 191 BC almost 500 years Before Christianity:

And it Reads:
"Onias III (Hebrew: חוֹנִיּוֹ‎ Ḥōniyyō) was a Jewish High Priest, the son of Simon II. He is described as a pious man who, unlike the Hellenizers, fought for Judaism.[1] Seleucus Philopator defrayed all the expenses connected with the sanctuary and was friendly to the Jews. According to 2 Maccabees, a traitorous official of the Temple, however, Simon the Benjamite, induced the king, through his official Heliodorus, to undertake the plunder of the Temple treasury; the attempt was not successful, and the Syrian court never forgave the high priest for its miscarriage."

Seleucus Philopator was in need of money because of the wars with the upcoming Roman Empire. He was told that the Hebrews had vast amounts of wealth in their Temple. We learn that a man by the name of Simon the Benjaminite Heliodorus. Heliodorus is an elite Greek politician. Heliodorus then goes to the temple to collect the gold but is stopped by The Most High.

Then we read that his heart is now set towards his King Seleucus Philopator the king of the Greeks. He kills the King and now he becomes the King of the Seleucid Empire. We can find this in the book of Daniel

And it Reads:

Seleucus_Philopator Image

Daniel 11:20

"Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger nor in battle."

This is speaking about The Most High's intervention as it reads:
"Around 178 BC (Before Christianity) Seleucus sent Heliodorus to Jerusalem to collect money to pay the Romans. This is mentioned in Daniel 11:20, "He will send out a tax collector to maintain the royal splendor". 2 Maccabees 3:21-28 reports that Heliodorus entered the Temple in Jerusalem in order to take its treasure, but was turned back by three forms of God. On his return, he killed the king and seized the throne for himself; but it was not long before Antiochus, the brother of the late king, with the help of the Pergamon monarch, Eumenes II, recovered it." (So basically the Usurper got usurped)

Listen to Daniel 11:21
"And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. "

We were taught this meant Satan coming in the last days in Revelation, but listen to what it is referring to. Keep this in mind, we are speaking about the full takeover of the Holy Temple the Seat of Levi, the representative of The Most High. Would not the scriptures speak about it? Yes and here it is.

Daniel 11:21
"And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. "

First, you have to ask the question. When Heliodorus killed Seleucus Philopator, did he do it peacefully Or was there violence involved? So now we have to ask which Kingdom are they speaking of. Was it the High Priest position which watched over the children of Yacob or is this speaking about the Seleucus Empire?

And it reads:

"Jason became a high priest in 175 BCE after the accession of Antiochus Epiphanes to the throne of the Seleucid Empire. In an ongoing dispute between Onias III and Simon the Benjaminite, Jason offered to pay Antiochus in order to be confirmed as the new High Priest in Jerusalem. Antiochus accepted the offer and further allowed Jason to build a gymnasium in Jerusalem and create a Greek-style Polis named after the king, Antioch.[1] With the creation of Antioch, Jason abandoned the ordinances given under Antiochus III, which defined the polity of the Judeans according to the Torah."

Now let's not overlook what I just read:

"Jason offered to pay Antiochus in order to be confirmed as the new High Priest in Jerusalem. "

antiochus the great Image

Daniel 11:21
"And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. "

And it Reads:
"Jason's time as High Priest was brought to an abrupt end in 172 BCE when he sent Menelaus, the brother of Simon the Benjaminite, to deliver money to Antiochus. Menelaus took this opportunity to "outbid" Jason for the priesthood, resulting in Antiochus confirming Menelaus as the High Priest. Jason fled Jerusalem and found refuge in the land of the Ammonites."

Think about this the Levite is the holders of the seat of Moses. Onias III was usurped by his vile brother Jason. Jason removed his brother Onias III by paying the money hungry Greeks. Then Jason is usurped by the brother of Simon the Benjaminite named Menelaus. Menelaus the Seed Of Benjamin is now seating in the seat of Arron which is only to be held by the Levitical Priest.

And it Reads:

"When Antiochus IV Epiphanes became king, Onias III was obliged to yield to his own brother Jason.[2] According to Josephus[3], Jason became a high priest after the death of Onias. According to II Macc. iv. 26, Menelaus was not an Aaronite, but a brother of the Simon mentioned above, and hence a Benjaminite."

I am going to bring something to your attention listen to this sentence: "According to Josephus[3], Jason became a high priest after the death of Onias."

Now, this is implying that Jason the brother of Onias killed him. If this is the case then that would contradict Daniel 11:21. So how do we clear this up?

Josephus Image

And it reads

"When Menelaus purloined some vessels from the Temple to curry favor with the Seleucid Syrian nobles, Onias accused him publicly and then fled to the asylum of Daphne, near Antioch, where Menelaus, aided by the royal governor Andronicus, had him secretly assassinated, in defiance of justice and of his oath. The murdered priest was deeply mourned by both Hebrews and Greeks, and the king also, on his return, wept for him and sentenced Andronicus to a well-merited death."

What this is saying is that Menelaus the one that usurped Jason had Onias III secretly Assassinated. He was killed by Menelaus the Benjaminite not his brother Jason as Josephus deceptively imply s. Now the million dollar question is this. Was Josephus of the Seed Of Yacob? Or was he one of these imposters? We have to stay alert!

Okay now hang in there with me all of this has a purpose. This is very important to the Rise Of The Black Messiah Pawns and Rebels. Now let's break this down.

Onias III was the last legitimate high priest of the house of Zadok which is of the line of Arron the Levite. Onias has a son named Onias the IV. His son was supposed to take over the seat of his father. But Menelaus the Benjaminite took it for the Greeks. Now once Menelaus was killed. Onias thought that he would be restored to his proper position. Now keep this in mind. All this created the Hasmoneans Rebellion lead by Judas Maccabeus. What happened was Onias the IV, was supposed to be placed back into the Priest Position, but another Priest by the name of Alcimus took the seat instead.

Alcimus was of the tribe of Levite, but he was another Hellenize PAWN. So to put it plainly sold out, but since he was a Hebrew of the line of Arron, everyone, though he was on their side. He turned out to be a Pawn of the usurpers and worked to destroy the Hasmoneans. So Onias IV the son of Onias III fled to Egypt and build a temple there. This is how we get all these church fathers like Origen of Alexandria and Philo of Alexandria, because of the temple that was built in Egypt.
Now do time we cannot go deeper, but I would like to mention another very special individual name The Teacher Of Righteousness. He is the one that cleans the temple up, he sets the Temple right. Now he is in the seat for six years. then he is killed and usurped by a man called the Wicked Priest. After this, we read how the Edomites thru the line of Herod totally take over the seat. This is how we get the Sadducees seating in the seat of Moses.

As it Reads in the Book Of Mathew:

Matthew 23
"Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar."

Okay keep in mind in 191 BC we get indecent of Onias the III being Usurped then we have the creation of the Sanhedrin. We have a new book called the Septuagint once the Greeks take over the land of Jerusalem. And now we have a new title called Rabbi.

Now listen to what a Rabbi is.

And it Reads:

"Rabbi is not an occupation found in the Torah and ancient generations did not employ related titles such as Rabban, Rabbi, or Rab to describe either the Babylonian sages or the sages in Israel. The titles "Rabban" and "Rabbi" are first mentioned in the Mishnah (c. 200 CE).

The term was first used for Rabban Gamaliel the elder, Rabban Simeon his son, and Rabban Johanan ben Zakkai, all of whom were patriarchs or presidents of the Sanhedrin. A Greek transliteration of the word ῥαββί hrab-bee' is found in the books of Matthew, Mark, and John in the New Testament, where it is used in reference to "Scribes and Pharisees".
Notice this name Gamaliel the Elder now listen to what it states:

And it Reads:
" Gamaliel the Elder was a leading authority in the Sanhedrin in the mid 1st century CE. He was the grandson of the great Jewish teacher Hillel the Elder, "

Remember Hillel the Elder was a Benjaminite. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

I went thru this long explanation for two reasons. One to show you the true root of the Curse Of Ham and two to give you a look at how this pattern of usurpation has been going for thousands of years. If we are the Seed Of Yacob then we should be wise about the pattern of our Enemy: Now what does the Babylonian Talmud say about the Curse Of Ham?


And it reads:
"The Torah assigns no racial characteristics or rankings to Ham. Moses married a Cushite, one of the reputed descendants of Ham, according to the Book of Numbers, Chapter 12. Despite this, a number of early Jewish writers have interpreted the Biblical narrative of Ham in a racial way. The Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 108b states "Our Rabbis taught: Three copulated in the ark, and they were all punished — the dog, the raven, and Ham. The dog was doomed to be tied, the raven expectorates [his seed into his mate's mouth], and Ham was smitten in his skin." {Talmud Bavli, Sanhedrin 108b} The nature of Ham's "smitten" skin is unexplained, but later commentaries described this as a darkening of the skin. A later note to the text states that the "smitten" skin referred to the blackness of descendants, and a later comment by rabbis in the Bereshit Rabbah asserts that Ham himself emerged from the ark black-skinned.[4][5] The Zohar states that Ham's son Canaan" "darkened the faces of mankind".

Gamaliel the Elder Image

Okay now, this is taken from the Babylonian Talmud:

Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin

Remember where the Sanhedrin comes from and also remember whom the Rabbi is

Folio 70A

And it Reads:
"Ubar the Galilean gave the following exposition: The letter waw [and]40 occurs thirteen times in the passage dealing with wine: And Noah began to be a husbandman, and he planted a vineyard: And he drank of the wine and was drunken, and he was uncovered within his tent."

"And Ham the father of Canaan saw the nakedness of his father and told his two brethren without. And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon their shoulders, and went backward and covered the nakedness of their father, and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father's nakedness. And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him."

The Talmud Image

Okay now, this goes into the commentary of Genesis 9:

And it Reads:
"[With respect to the last verse] Rab and Samuel [differ,] one maintaining that he castrated him, whilst the other says that he sexually abused him. He who maintains that he castrated him, [reasons thus;] Since he cursed him by his fourth son,42 he must have injured him with respect to a fourth son. 43 But he who says that he sexually abused him, draws an analogy between 'and he saw' written twice. Here it is written, And Ham the father of Canaan saw the nakedness of his father; whilst elsewhere it is written, And when Shechem the son of Hamor saw her [he took her and lay with her and defiled her].44 Now, on the view that he emasculated him, it is right that he cursed him by his fourth son; but on the view that he abused him, why did he curse his fourth son; he should have cursed him himself? — Both indignities were perpetrated. 45"

Okay now here is Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin

Folio 108A

And it Reads:
"Our Rabbis taught: Three copulated in the ark, and they were all punished — the dog, the raven, and Ham. The dog was doomed to be tied, the raven expectorates [his seed into his mate's mouth]. and Ham was smitten in his skin 34" Okay now they have a reference to clarify what they mean and when you go to the reference we get this statement: "I.e., from him descended Cush (the Negro) who is black-skinned."

The Talmud Unmasked Image

So now we see how the Talmud came up with the whole black skin and homosexuality in relations to Genesis 9. It was Rabbis giving their commentary, Their opinion. The opinion of the usurper.

One more this is from Gen. Rabba 37 - By Japhet, Gomer and Magog Africa are meant, and by Tiros Persia. GEN Rabba 37.

And it Reads:
"The sexes of both man and the lower animals were meant to be separated in the ark during the deluge. This is clear from the way in which they entered the ark: first Noah and his three sons went in, and then their wives separately (Gen. 7. 7). But when they came out of the ark after the flood, God commanded Noah, 'Go out of the ark, thou and thy wife, thy sons and their wives' (Gen. 8. 16), thus putting the sexes together again. Ham among the human beings, and the dog among the lower animals, disregarded this injunction and did not separate from the opposite sex in the ark. The dog received a certain punishment, and Ham became a black man; just as when a man has the audacity to coin the king's currency in the king's own palace his face is blackened as a punishment and his issue is declared counterfeit --Gen. Rabba 37-"
Now lets read that again: "Ham became a black man; just as when a man has the audacity to coin the king's currency in the king's own palace his face is blackened as a punishment and his issue is declared counterfeit"

Now when we combine this Babylonian Talmud and it's influence on this Church Father Origen of Alexandria. Then we look at the take over of the High Priest seat and the creation of the Sanhedrin and the creation of the title Rabbi. We begin to unveil the originators of the Curse Of Ham Myth.

Order of the Dragon Image

We also see the influence on Pope Nicholas V and the greed of the Kings of Portugal. We see how they create these false teachings to justify there continued genocide of the people of color. The Curse Of Canaan is an LIE. An LIE created by the overseers of the Sanhedrin. An LIE promoted by the Catholic church. An LIE used to justify the Europeans contained exploitation over anything none European. Now we have to look at the players in this LIE. And to do this we have to start at the beginning. The seed of the Serpent in the beginning. The Amalekites are the first of the Nations the Amalekites attached themselves to Benjamin thru Saul. They attached themselves to the Greeks thru Japheth. They attached themselves to Esau thru Amalek. And Edom made his self the seed of Yacob turning black to white Hebrew to Jew, Levite to Rabbi, Scriptures to Talmud, Law of Moses to Sanhedrin and LIES to TRUTH. And he did all this by usurping the Seed of Yacob. Now, look at the planet because of it. Ask yourself this question. Are these people a true representation of the Creator of the Heavens and the Universe? Does this serpent express the love of The Most High AHYAH?


Okay, now I needed to go over this to lay the foundation for my next topic. This topic revolves around a man that struck fear in the heart of every slave master in the south. This man is the EPITOME of the Black Messiah. And this man is Nat Turner. Nat Turner's actions changed the momentum of the free slave movement. But not in a positive way. A man by the name of David Walker was the true Liberator, Nat Turner was the False. Now this will become more clear as we progress thru this broadcast. But first who was David Walker?

David Walker was an abolitionist. He wrote a document tailored after the Declaration of Independence called The Appeal to the Coloured Citizens Of the World. This document was so powerful that if a black man or women had one they would be Lynched on the spot. This document inspired the true abolishment movement. Men like William Lloyd Garrison a Journalist quit and publicly denounced the deceptive American Colonization Society.

Nat Turner Comic Book Image

After the death of David Walker, he published a weekly newspaper called The Liberator. This paper was in print from 1830-1865. It's the main purpose was to put an end to slavery. It would place a weekly discussion of David Walker's Appeal in the paper. Inspiring people like Fredrick Douglas to create a speech called "The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the Negro" David Walker was freeing slaves thru the court system by speaking on the Hippocrates of Declaration of independence. He publicly called Founding Father Thomas Jefferson a hypocrite. He challenged the Black Masons to really free the slaves. Now this man did far more than Booker T Washington and Prince Hall for the enslaved people of color. But we never hear of him. We know more about Nat Turner then we do David Walker. Now I am going to read the opening of The Appeal to the Coloured Citizens Of the World. And you will see why.

And it Reads:

The Appeal to the Coloured Citizens Of the World - PREAMBLE.

Nat Turner Preamble Document Iamge

"My dearly beloved Brethren and Fellow Citizens. HAVING traveled over a considerable portion of these United States, and having, in the course of my travels, taken the most accurate observations of things as they exist--the result of my observations has warranted the full and unshaken conviction, that we, (coloured people of these United States,) are the most degraded, wretched, and abject set of beings that ever lived since the world began; and I pray YAH that none like us ever may live again until time shall be no more. They tell us of the Israelites in Egypt, the Helots in Sparta, and of the Roman Slaves, which last was made up from almost every nation under heaven, whose sufferings under those ancient and heathen nations, were, in comparison with ours, under this enlightened and Christian nation, no more than a cypher--or, in other words, those heathen nations of antiquity, had but little more among them than the name and form of slavery; while wretchedness and endless miseries were reserved, apparently in a phial, to be poured out upon our fathers, ourselves and our children, by Christian Americans!"

"The causes, my brethren, which produce our wretchedness and miseries, are so very numerous and aggravating, that I believe the pen only of a Josephus or a Plutarch, can well enumerate and explain them. Upon subjects, then, of such incomprehensible with slave-holders or tyrants, who acquire their daily bread by the blood and sweat of their more ignorant brethren--and not a few of those too, who are too ignorant to see an inch beyond their noses, will rise up and call me cursed--Yea, the jealous ones among us will perhaps use more abject subtlety, by affirming that this work is not worth perusing, that we are well situated, and there is no use in trying to better our condition, for we cannot."

"I will ask one question here.--Can our condition is any worse?--Can it be more mean and abject? If there are any changes, will they not be for the better, though they may appear for the worst at first? Can they get us any lower? Where can they get us? They are afraid to treat us worse, for they know well, the day they do it they are gone. But against all accusations which may or can be preferred against me, I appeal to Heaven for my motive in writing--who knows that my object is, if possible, to awaken in the breasts of my afflicted, degraded and slumbering brethren, a spirit of inquiry and investigation respecting our miseries and wretchedness in this Republican Land of Liberty! ! ! ! ! !"

"The sources from which our miseries are derived, and on which I shall comment, I shall not combine in one, but shall put them under distinct heads and expose them in their turn; in doing which, keeping truth on my side, and not departing from the strictest rules of morality, I shall endeavor to penetrate, search out, and lay them open for your inspection. If you cannot or will not profit by them, I shall have done my duty to you, my country and my YAH." David Walker The Appeal 1829

Now after reading just the opening of this appeal. Can you see why the first thing they did to the slaves once there was a rebellion was to outlaw reading and writing? Now think about it! We never heard of David Walker. Yet the educational system was funded by the richest men on the planet that loved Booker T Washington. David Walker identified us as being the Seed Of Yacob you can see it in his opening Preamble. Or from this statement and it Reads:

"It is expected that all coloured men, women, and children. Who are not too deceitful, abject, and servile to resist the cruelties and murders inflicted upon us by the white slaveholders, our enemies by nature. of every nation, language and tongue under heaven, will try to procure a copy of this Appeal and read it, or get someone to read it to them, for it is designed more particularly for them. Let them remember, that through our cruel oppressors and murderers, may (if possible) treat us crueler, as Pharoah did the children of Israel, yet the God of the Ethiopians, has been pleased to hear our moans in consequence of oppression; and the day of our redemption from abject wretchedness draweth near, when we shall be enabled, in the most extended sense of the word, to stretch forth our hands to the AHYAH our YAH, but there must be a willingness on our part, for AHAYH to do these things for us, for we may be assured that he will not take us by the hairs of our head against our will and desire, and drag us from our very, mean, low and abject condition." Okay, now I added the name AHYAH instead of Lord and god because I know this is what Mr. Walker meant to say. But did you hear him say "inflicted upon us by the white slaveholders, our enemies by nature." This is in reference to Genesis 3:15.

David Walker Appeal In Four Articles A Preamble

And what about the ending:

"when we shall be enabled, in the most extended sense of the word, to stretch forth our hands to the AHYAH our YAH, but there must be a willingness on our part, for AHAYH to do these things for us, for we may be assured that he will not take us by the hairs of our head against our will and desire, and drag us from our very, mean, low and abject condition." Now, what does 2 Chronical 7: 14 Say?

2 Chronicles 7:14
"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." Now I wonder why I never heard of David Walker? Like I said we know more about Nat Turner then we do David Walker and I think I know why.

Now you will understand also at the conclusion of this broadcast, but for now, let's play this audio file about Nat Turner.

Play Audio Nat Turner Rebellions 6:29 Minutes

Keep this statement in mind. What you know about Nat Turner is what they Want you to know about Nat Turner. Now after this topic I want you to ask yourself this question was Nat Turner a Rebel or a Pawn? Okay, I am going to read a few resources from PBS, Wikipedia and from Nat Turner's Confessions. And it Reads:

Who is Nat Turner?
"Nat Turner was born on October 2, 1800, in Southampton County, Virginia, the week before Gabriel was hanged. While still a young child, Nat was overheard describing events that had happened before he was born. This, along with his keen intelligence, and other signs marked him in the eyes of his people as a prophet "intended for some great purpose." A deeply religious man, he "therefore studiously avoided mixing in society, and wrapped [him]self in mystery, devoting [his] time to fasting and praying."

This is taken from a pamphlet written by his Lawyer named Thomas Ruffin Gray.
This was a conversation that Thomas Gray had with Nat Turner before is execution
November 11th, 1831

Nat Turner Speaks:
"I devoting my time to fasting and prayer--By this time, having arrived to man's estate, and hearing the scriptures commented on at meetings, I was struck with that particular passage which says: "Seek ye the kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you." I reflected much on this passage, and prayed daily for light on this subject--As I was praying one day at my plough, the spirit spoke to me, saying "Seek ye the kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you."

The Nat Turner Confession

Thomas Ruffin Gray Question: what do you mean by the Spirit?

"The Spirit that spoke to the prophets in former days--and I was greatly astonished, and for two years prayed continually, whenever my duty would permit--and then again I had the same revelation, which fully confirmed me in the impression that I was ordained for some great purpose in the hands of the Almighty."

This is taken from a PBS Article. And it reads:

" The next year, following the death of his master, Samuel Turner, Nat was sold to Thomas Moore. Three years later, Nat Turner had another vision. He saw lights in the sky and prayed to find out what they meant. Then "... while laboring in the field, I discovered drops of blood on the corn, as though it were dew from heaven, and I communicated it to many, both white and black, in the neighborhood; and then I found on the leaves in the woods hieroglyphic characters and numbers, with the forms of men in different attitudes, portrayed in blood, and representing the figures I had seen before in the heavens."

This is taken from Thomas Grays Confessions. This is Nat Turner's confession.

And it reads:

"And about this time I had a vision--and I saw white spirits and black spirits engaged in battle, and the sun was darkened--the thunder rolled in the Heavens, and blood flowed in streams--and I heard a voice saying, "Such is your luck, such you are called to see and let it come rough or smooth, you must surely bare it." I now withdrew myself as much as my situation would permit, from the intercourse of my fellow servants, for the avowed purpose of serving the Spirit more fully--and it appeared to me, and reminded me of the things it had already shown me, and that it would then reveal to me the knowledge of the elements, the revolution of the planets, the operation of tides, and changes of the seasons. After this revelation in the year 1825, and the knowledge of the elements being made known to me, I sought more than ever to obtain true holiness before the great day of judgment should appear."

Now the questions are this. Was this The Most High Speaking to Nat Turner? Or was it another spirit? Now we have to keep in mind this was written by a man that hates Nat Turner...so we should not be surprised if he adds things to Nat's confession. Now let's look at Nat's statement. Now keep in mind this is supposed to be from the SPIRIT that is communicating with NAT Turner this spirit is suppose to be from The Most High AHYAH. And it Reads: "Such is your luck, such you are called to see and let it come rough or smooth, you must surely bare it." Okay now hold on. I want you to place your attention to this word Luck. This word Luck is equal to the word Fortuna. Now, what is Fortuna? Fortuna is the Greek god TYCHE.

What does this Greek god TYCHE represent? And it Reads: "In ancient Greek city cults, Tyche ( meaning "luck" in Greek, Roman equivalent: Fortuna) was the presiding tutelary deity that governed the fortune and prosperity of a city, its destiny. Increasingly during the Hellenistic period, cities venerated their own specific iconic version of Tyche, wearing a mural crown (a crown like the walls of the city). She is also the god Isis, her father is Zeus, she is the goddess of fortune and personification of luck in Roman religion. She might bring good luck or bad: she could be represented as veiled and blind, as in modern depictions of Justice, and came to represent life's capriciousness. She was also a goddess of fate: "

The god Tyche Image

Okay, so next time someone says to you good luck... say no thank you.

What about those words (Tutelary Deity)? "A tutelary is a deity or spirit who is a guardian, patron or protector of a particular place, geographic feature, person, lineage, nation, culture or occupation. Both tutelary and tutelar can be used as either a noun or an adjective. An analogous concept in Christianity is the patron saint, or to a lesser degree guardian angel."

Okay now if this was the spirit TYCHE speaking to Nat Turner then this would explain a lot. Now, remember the Hebrews were overtaken by the Greeks in 191 BC. TYCHE is a Greek god. The Edomites took over the temples thru King Herod, the Edomites became Hellenized. Christianity is Hellenized which means under Greek influence.

Do you think this spirit was pretending to be from The Most High? Ask yourself this question. Who created the Curse of Ham Myth? Could this be a request from the children of the serpent to their Deity? A request to their goddess of Fortune?

Now think about it. What if fear gripped the Usurpers after the Haitian Revolt of 1804? What if the usurpers prayed to their gods to extend the slave trade? What if their request required a sacrifice? Now keep this is mind. Where is Nat Turner located at this time? Virginia home of the Masonic Orders the location of the District Of Columbia. The dwelling place of the kings of the earth.

Jewish Freemasonry

This is taken from Thomas Grays Confessions. This is Nat Turner's confession.

And it Reads:
"And then I began to receive the true knowledge of faith. And from the first steps of righteousness until the last, was I made perfect; and the Holy Ghost was with me, and said, "Behold me as I stand in the Heavens"--and I looked and saw the forms of men in different attitudes--and there were lights in the sky to which the children of darkness gave other names than what they really were--for they were the lights of the Saviour's hands, stretched forth from east to west, even as they were extended on the cross on Calvary for the redemption of sinners. "

Okay now, this sounds like the Hellenized form of Christianity right. Now would AHYAH speak to Nat Turner thru a religion that hijacked by the enemy? Thru the enemy that stole Hebrews culture and sold them to the four corners of the world? Okay, now how many of you know about the CROSS of Calvary deception?

As Nat Turner states:
"for they were the lights of the Saviour's hands, stretched forth from east to west, even as they were extended on the cross on Calvary for the redemption of sinners."

Keep in mind, this could be a quote from Nat Turner or if could be made up from his Lawyer for alternative motives. Now here is an article was taken from
ABC news website Good Morning America it's called:

Jesus Christ May Not Have Died on Cross

"For 2,000 years the crucifix has been a potent symbol of both Jesus Christ's death and Christianity. Now one Swedish theologian says that despite the crucifix's proliferation in art and literature, there is scant evidence in the Bible or other ancient sources to indicate that Christ was killed on a cross. Samuelsson devoutly believes the story of Jesus' death and resurrection, but says for generations people have misinterpreted and mistranslated the Greek word "stauros" to mean crucifix when really the term just means a suspension device, which might have been anything such as a "pole or a tree trunk." The earliest versions of the New Testament were written in Greek. "If you chose to just read the text and ignore the art and theology, there is quite a small amount of information about the crucifixion. Jesus, the Bible says, carried something called a stauros out to Calvary. Everyone thought it meant to cross, but it does not only mean cross. We cannot say every instance of this noun, stauros refers to a cross, Samuelsson said. Suspension devices, basically tall polls or pikes, were routinely used in the ancient world, by the Romans and their contemporaries, both as execution devices and for displaying the bodies of executed criminals and enemies as a public warning"

Now I choose to us ABC news to demonstrate how easy it is to find this information. Now if this information is that easy to find then why would Nat Turner use this statement "for they were the lights of the Saviour's hands, stretched forth from east to west, even as they were extended on the cross on Calvary for the redemption of sinners." Now if he was speaking to the spirit the Comforter then YAHUSHUAH knew he was not hung on a cross. Now someone here is being deceptive is it Nat Turner, is it Thomas Ruffin Gray or was Nat speaking to a LYING spirit?


And it Reads:
"And I wondered greatly at these miracles, and prayed to be informed of a certainty of the meaning thereof--and shortly afterwards, while laboring in the field, I discovered drops of blood on the corn as though it were dew from heaven-- and I communicated it to many, both white and black, in the neighborhood--and I then found on the leaves in the woods hieroglyphic characters, and numbers, with the forms of men in different attitudes, portrayed in blood, and representing the figures I had seen before in the heavens. And now the Holy Ghost had revealed itself to me, and made plain the miracles it had shown me--For as the blood of Christ had been shed on this earth, and had ascended to heaven for the salvation of sinners, and was now returning to earth again in the form of dew--and as the leaves on the trees bore the impression of the figures I had seen in the heavens, it was plain to me that the Saviour was about to lay down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men, and the great day of judgment was a band. "

"About this time I told these things to a white man, (Etheldred T. Brantley) on whom it had a wonderful effect--and he ceased from his wickedness, and was attacked immediately with a cutaneous eruption, and blood oozed from the pores of his skin, and after praying and fasting for nine days, he was healed, and the Spirit appeared to me again, and said, as the Saviour had been baptised so should we be also--and when the white people would not let us be baptised by the church, we went down into the water together, in the sight of many who reviled us, and were baptised by the Spirit--After this I rejoiced greatly, and gave thanks to God. And on the 12th of May, 1828, I heard a loud noise in the heavens, and the Spirit instantly appeared to me and said the Serpent was loosened, and Christ had laid down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men,

Now did you notice the mentioning of the Number 9, The hieroglyphic characters and the occult number?

Now if you are paying attention this is sounding more and more like Freemasonry. Now, remember we are in Virginia home of the Occult. Lets read that again "after praying and fasting nine days, he was healed, and the Spirit appeared to me again, and said, as the Saviour had been baptised so should we be also" and that I should take it on and fight against the Serpent, for the time was fast approaching when the first should be last and the last should be first."

Did you notice the mentioning of the Number 9? The hieroglyphic characters and the occult number? Now if you are paying attention this is sounding more and more like Freemasonry. Now, remember we are in Virginia home of the Occult.

The Number 9 Image

Lets read that again "after praying and fasting nine days, he was healed, and the Spirit appeared to me again, and said, as the Saviour had been baptized so should we be also"

Okay now here is a question from Thomas Ruffin Gray to Nat Turner - Question:

Do you not find yourself mistaken now?

Nat Turner Answer:
"Was not Christ crucified. And by signs in the heavens that it would make
known to me when I should commence the great work--and until the first sign appeared, I should conceal it from the knowledge of men--And on the appearance of the sign,
(the eclipse of the sun last February) I should arise and prepare myself, and slay my enemies with their own weapons. And immediately on the sign appearing in the
heavens, the seal was removed from my lips, and I communicated the great work laid out for me to do, to four in whom I had the greatest confidence, (Henry, Hark,
Nelson, and Sam)--It was intended by us to have begun the work of death on the 4th July last--Many were the plans formed and rejected by us, and it affected my mind to
such a degree, that I fell sick, and the time passed without our coming to any determination how to commence--Still forming new schemes and rejecting them, when the sign appeared again, which determined me not to wait longer."

Keep this in mind the Illuminati like to work on exact date and times. If you look at the year 1831 February 12th you will notice that there was a Solar Eclipse on this date. Also this date July 4th this is an illuminant Holiday. This day they celebrate the takeover of the United States. The War of Independence. Think about all of the Masonic symbolism surrounding this date.

Okay, now Turner spoke about the final sign that made him go on his killing spree. We are going to read it from another source:
"On August 13, there was an atmospheric disturbance in which the sun appeared bluish-green. This was the final sign, and a week later, on August 21, Turner and six of his men met in the woods to eat a dinner and make their plans. At 2:00 that morning, they set out to the Travis household, where they killed the entire family as they lay sleeping. They continued on, from house to house, killing all of the white people they encountered. Turner's force eventually consisted of more than 40 slaves, most on horseback. "

listen to this from a book

"On the morning of Sunday, 21 August, Henry, Hark, Nelson, Sam, Will, and Jack met as planned at Cabin Pond. As they prepared the pork dinner and drank Henry's brandy, the four charter members of the revolt began explaining to the new recruits their plans to "rise and kill all the white people."

Listen to The Haitian Revolution of 1791-1803 By Bob Corbett

"This event was a Petwo Voodoo service. On the evening of Sunday, August 14th Dutty Boukman, a houngan, and practitioner of the Petwo Voodoo cult, held a service at Bois Caiman. A woman at the service was possessed by Ogoun, the Voodoo warrior spirit. She sacrificed a black pig, and speaking the voice of the spirit, named those who were to lead the slaves and maroons to revolt and seek a stark justice from their white oppressors. "

Look at the similarities between the Turner Revots and the Haitian Revolts.

The Haitian Revolution
  • Haitian Revolt:
  • Took place in August
  • Took Place on a Sunday
  • Called on a Spirit Being
  • Ritual involved a Pig
  • Was slave revolt
  • Goal to Kill white slave-traders
The Turner Rebelion
  • Turner Revolt
  • Took place in August
  • Took Place on a Sunday
  • Communicated with a spirit being
  • Killed a Pig for their ritual meal
  • Was slave revolt
  • Goal to Kill white slave-traders

Do you still think this is from The Most High?

This is taken from Thomas Grays Confessions. This is Nat Turner's confession. And it Reads:
"By about mid-day on August 22, Turner decided to march toward Jerusalem, the closest town. By the word of the rebellion had gotten out to the whites; confronted by a group of militia, the rebels scattered, and Turner's force became disorganized. After spending the night near some slave cabins, Turner and his men attempted to attack another house but were repulsed. Several of the rebels were captured. The remaining force then met the state and federal troops in a final skirmish, in which one slave was killed and many escaped, including Turner. In the end, the rebels had stabbed, shot and clubbed at least 55 white people to death."

I advise you to read this whole article to get the full magnitude. They were cutting the throats of children and women. The chopping people with axes decapitating people, shooting them in the head. It was brutal. Now many of us felt hey they did worse to use. What about the Hangings and rapes and throwing are babies to the alligators? "This is justice". Well, the question still remains. Was this of The Most High AHYAH or was this not?

Well let me read a quote from David Walker the ex-slave Abolitionist:
"Should white persons be thanked for granting freedom to some slaves? No, said Walker: Whites gave nothing to blacks upon manumission except the right to exercise the liberty they had immorally prevented them from so doing in the past. They were not giving blacks a gift but rather returning what they had stolen from them and YAH. To pay respect to whites as the source of freedom was thus to blaspheme YAH by denying that he was the source of all virtues and the only one with whom one was justified in having a relationship of obligation and debt." David Walker True Rebel

This was written by a free man named David Walker who was killed one year before the Nat Turner Revolts. The point Walker is making is that no Man can save us. No man can give us or freedom we are made free because it is a virtue of the creator. The source of freedom comes from The Most High AHYAH. Not Man!

Now in saying that. Before I found the Nat Turners Confession document I was convinced that Nat Turner was reading the bible. I thought he notices he was a Hebrew. Then was inspired by The Most High to go off. But then I had to think about that... Did it work?

The Serpent Stock

Did Nat Turner free the slave or did he create a new improved form of slavery? Now we have to keep this in mind. We may not know who we are, But they do. They knew Nat Turner was a Hebrew. They knew he was of the curses. You can tell by how they used this word Serpent. They identified the enemy as the Serpent the oppressor. Take a look at the Nat Turner story on Wikipedia, when you click on the word Serpent you can read the definition: And it Reads:
"Serpent is the term used to translate a variety of words in the Hebrew Bible, the most common being Hebrew: נחש‎, (nahash), the generic word for "snake". The most famous Biblical serpent is the talking snake in the Garden of Eden who tempts Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and denies that death will be a result. The Serpent has the ability to speak and to reason, and is identified with the wisdom of this world: "Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made"
(Genesis 3:1)

Genesis 3:1

Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the YAHUWAH YAH had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath AHYAH said, Ye, shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

So if they know who the serpent is then they know who the enemy of the serpent is. What was the aftermath of the Nat Turner Uprising? Did it glorify The Most High? Yes or No? Well, let's see who benefited.

And it Reads: "Nat Turner's rebellion set off a reign of terror for all blacks in the area as state and federal troops swept through, killing as many as 200 blacks. To avoid future uprisings, new slave codes were enacted outlawing the education of slaves and putting strict controls on their movements."

Okay, now Nat Turner was told that this Uprising would inspire massive uprising all over the south and free the slaves from the serpents. But what happens?

"Over 3,000 members of the state militia were sent to deal with Turner's rebellion, and they were soon defeated. In retaliation, more than a hundred innocent slaves were killed. Turner went into hiding but was captured six weeks later."

Nat Turner was skinned alive then executed on 11th November 1831. This also created a paranoid America. Which made Nat Turner the paradigm of The Black Messiah.

American Colonization Society

And now we have Cointelpro, the CIA and the FBI' obsession keeping Black people at the bottom of the barrel. Now let's look at a few laws that passed because of this rebellion.

And it Reads:
"Nevertheless, fears of repetitions of the Nat Turner Revolt polarized moderates and slave owners across the South. Municipalities across the region instituted repressive policies against blacks. Rights were taken away from those who were free. The freedoms of all black people in Virginia were tightly curtailed. Socially, the uprising discouraged whites' questioning the slave system from the perspective that such discussion might encourage similar slave revolts."

Keep this in mind every-time there is a slave uprising the same thing happens. It becomes a living hell for those that remain. Look what happen in 1739

Aftermaths: The 1739 Rebellion:
"The comprehensive Negro Act of 1740 passed in South Carolina made it illegal for slaves to move abroad, assemble in groups, raise food, earn money, and learn to read English. Additionally, owners were permitted to kill rebellious slaves if necessary."

"Manumissions had decreased by 1810. The shift away from tobacco had made owning slaves in the Upper South an excess to the planters' needs, so they started to hire out slaves." Okay now, do not overlook this.

Negros for sale

Manumissions are the act of freeing a slave. The owner would die and in his will, he would free his property. But after the Nat Turner Revolt, this was now illegal. Before Nat Turners Revolt slavery started to decrees because it became too expensive to maintain. Because Great Britain made it illegal in 1807. When they did this it disrupted the market for tobacco. But look what happened:

And it reads: "With the ending of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade of 1807, the invention of the cotton gin, and opening up of new territories in the Deep South, suddenly there was a growing market for the trading of slaves." Now think about it. Slaves are more valuable because it was illegal to ship us in. It became illegal, because of the Haitian Revolution. Remember it was the Haitian Revolt that scaring Brittan into the Abolishment of slavery in 1807. But guess what happens.? The invention of the cotton gin. This new invention which was stolen from a slave....called the Cotton Gin allowed the South to turn a profit faster. Which created a new market for the need of slaves. But there is a problem. The trans-Atlantic Slave trade is illegal. But the south needs more slaves than ever. And it Reads: Over the next decades, more than a million slaves would be transported to the Deep South in a forced migration as a result of the domestic slave trade." Now when Nat Turner created a Revolt and killed all of the white people. He made it easy for Virginia to pass laws to reinforce slavery. Which benefited the cotton growers of the south. Think about it!

Here is the explanation of the cotton gin:

Eli Whitney The Thief and Destroyer.

"The slave population in the American colonies reached a maximum of a quarter-million in 1754. But it dropped off as we approached, and fought, the Revolutionary War. For a while, people thought slavery might die out entirely.

But technology intervened. Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin in 1793. Suddenly we could turn a profit on this terribly labor-intensive crop. From then until the Civil War the slave population increased to the astonishing level of 4,000,000.

The grand irony of all this is that the person who provided Whitney with the key idea for his gin was himself a slave, known to us only by the name Sam. Sam's father had solved the critical problem of removing seeds from cotton by developing a kind of comb to do the job. Whitney's cotton gin simply mechanized this comb."

Model of Eli Whitney Cotton Gin image

So now we see slavery increasing in the South. Freed slaves are now a threat to the economy. Nat Turner was a classic case of (Problem Reaction Solution). Nat Turner was like the September 11th Attacks. His revolt became the excuse to lock us down and take away our rights. To keep us in bondage. Just like September 11th.

Think about the War on Terror. What did this war allow the hidden hand to do? It allowed the War in Irag, War in Afghanistan, War in Pakistan, War in the Philippines, War in Horn Of Africa, War in Trans Sahara, War in Yemen and War in Libya. It created the Patriot Act, TSA groping squad, FEMA camps and it opened the door for World War Three.

You see Problem Reaction Solution is an old trick. We also notice the same old players. The demonic hidden hand of the principalities. The magicians of the Cabala the illuminated ones of Free Masonry. They're not even hiding it. There flaunting it.

The Patriot Act Freedom has evolved

Okay now here is what happened in the Aftermath of Nat Turner Revolt:
"In the aftermath of the Nat Turner Slave Rebellion, the Virginia General Assembly passed new legislation making it unlawful to teach slaves, free blacks, or mulattoes to read or write. The General Assembly also passed a law restricting all blacks from holding religious meetings without the presence of a licensed white minister.[22] Other slave-holding states across the South enacted similar laws restricting activities of slaves and free blacks." Now think about this. This was enforced throughout the south. This means that they wanted to keep you as ignorant as possible..legally by LAW. If you were teaching the word without a license you would be hung, If you had a license and you started teaching that we were the Seed Of Yacob. You had an overseer in the church that would KILL you. And it Reads: "Some free blacks chose to move their families north to obtain educations for their children. Some individual white people, such as a young teacher named Thomas J. Jackson (better known to history as "Stonewall Jackson") and another named Mary Smith Peake, chose to violate the laws and teach slaves to read. Overall, the laws enacted in the aftermath of the Turner Rebellion enforced widespread illiteracy among slaves. It persisted; 35 years later, most newly freed slaves and many free blacks in the South were illiterate at the end of the American Civil War."

But on the thing, they left out...What else happens after the Civil War? JIM CROW. Think about it Nat Turner was fresh in the mind of the Clan. If these slaves are free then we might release millions of Nat Turners. So they made sure we were still in bondage. A bondage of fear.

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Booker T Washington

Okay now to complete this broadcast I want to express another result of the Nat Turner rebellion. This result was the creation of the new type of black man and his name was Booker T Washington. Here is an Audio File it is 5:00 minutes

Audio File: Booker T Washington 5:00

"Booker Taliaferro Washington Washington was born into slavery to Jane, an enslaved African-American woman on the Burroughs Plantation in southwest Virginia. She never identified his white father, said to be a nearby planter. He played no significant role in Washington's life. After his family gained freedom in 1865, his mother took them to his life, is unknown. His family gained freedom in 1865 as the Civil War ended, his mother took them to West Virginia to join her husband. She and the freedman Washington Ferguson were formally married there, and Booker took the surname Washington at school after his stepfather. The youth worked in salt furnaces and coal mines in West Virginia for several years, then made his way east to Hampton Institute, a school established to educate freedmen, where he worked to pay for his studies."

Booker T Washington

Keep this in mind Hampton Institute was founded by the American Missionary Association and the Freedman's Aid Society. Which was created by the Freedman's Bureau which was a United States Federal Governments Agency? Now ask your self this question knowing what you know. Can the Freedman's Society by trust?

And it continues: "He attended Wayland Seminary in Washington, D.C. in 1878 and left after 6 months. In 1881, the Hampton president Samuel C. Armstrong recommended Washington to become the first leader of the Tuskegee Institute, the new normal school (teachers' college) in Alabama. He headed it for the rest of his life."
There is a lot of information here. First, what is Wayland Seminary?

"Wayland Seminary was the Washington, D.C. school of the National Theological Institute.[1] The Institute was established beginning in 1865 by the American Baptist Home Mission Society, designed primarily for providing education and training for African-American freedmen to enter into the ministry." Okay now, this is out of Washington D.C and it established by the American Baptist Home Mission Society. So what is the American Baptist Home Mission Society?

"The Home Mission Society (ABHMS), itself, was organized in 1832 to raise support for missionaries in North America. Later, Dr. Henry Lyman Morehouse, corresponding secretary of ABHMS, took the lead in forming the American Baptist Education Society (ABES) in May 1888 to promote "Christian education under Baptist auspices in North America." A major achievement of the group was the founding of the University of Chicago in 1890, strongly supported by John D. Rockefeller. " Okay now did you hear that name? Have you ever heard of the phrase Birds of a feather flock together? Now listen to how this circle expands.

And it Reads:
"In addition, Dr. Morehouse (for whom Morehouse College is named) succeeded in engaging Rockefeller in major financial support for Bacone College, Spelman College, and black education in general.[2] Responsibility for historically black colleges, founded by and for freedmen and women after the Civil War" Okay now remember the Freedmen's Bureau was a United States Federal Government Agency.

David Rockefeller

Okay now lets Read this Again:

"He attended Wayland Seminary in Washington, D.C. in 1878 and left after 6 months. In 1881, the Hampton president Samuel C. Armstrong recommended Washington to become the first leader of Tuskegee Institute,"

Samuel Chapman Armstrong image

And it Reads:
"He collaborated with the philanthropist Julius Rosenwald in the early 20th century to create a model for rural black schools - Rosenwald established a fund that matched monies raised by communities to build more than 5,000 schools for rural black children, mostly in the South."
Now at first site, you would think this is a great deed until you understand the alternative intentions, but before I get into this I want to read about the "The Atlanta Compromise"

The Atlanta Compromise

"Washington advocated a "go slow" approach.[12] The effect was that many youths in the South had to accept sacrifices of potential political power, civil rights, and higher education.[13] His belief was that African-Americans should "concentrate all their energies on industrial education, and accumulation of wealth, and the conciliation of the South." [14]

Washington valued the "industrial" education, as it provided critical skills for the jobs then available to the majority of African-Americans at the time, as most lived in the South, which was overwhelmingly rural and agricultural. He thought these skills that would lay the foundation for the creation of stability that the African-American community required in order to move forward.

Booker T Washington Speech in Atlanta Georgia image

He believed that in the long term "blacks would eventually gain full participation in society by showing themselves to be responsible, reliable American citizens." His approach advocated for an initial step toward equal rights, rather than full equality under the law. It would be this step that would provide the economic power to back up their demands for equality in the future.[15] This action, over time, would provide the proof to a deeply prejudiced white America that they were not in fact "'naturally' stupid and incompetent." Now think about Washington Education. Was this Booker T Washington speaking or was this Samuel C. Armstrong?

And it Reads:
"Washington was sent to Alabama at age 25 to head another new normal school. This new Institution eventually became Tuskegee University. Embracing much of Armstrong's philosophy"

Okay now look at the men that attached themselves to Armstrong's Philosophy:

And it Reads:
"Washington associated with the richest and most powerful businessmen and politicians of the era. He was seen as a spokesperson for African Americans and became a conduit for funding educational programs. His contacts included such diverse and well-known personages as Andrew Carnegie, William Howard Taft, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Huttleston Rogers, George Eastman, Julius Rosenwald, Robert Ogden, Collis Potter Huntington and William Henry Baldwin Jr., who donated large sums of money to agencies such as the Jeanes and Slater Funds. "

Okay now just in case you can not see what has happened here let me go over the names of Washington Friends and why they were friends:

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Now there are more names to add to this list but for the sake of time, this should make my point. These men were not Friends with Booker T Washington because they identified with the struggle of the black man. Or because they wanted to educate the poor ignorant slave of the south, and save him out of the clutches of JIM CROW. No, they looked at Booker T Washington as their cash cow. As Slave Labor. Thru Washington they used Slave Labor to undermine the Unions. This is why we get the riots of the 19th and 20th Century. For example Black Wall Street 1921.

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Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

This is another deception. They used us again. Think about it. What about the Tuskegee syphilis experiment that went on for over 40 years? This went on until the 70s. Where was all of Washington's friends to speak out in outrage? Was this not done in Tuskegee? Was this not the home of Tuskegee University? Where your friend Booker T Washington made you filthy rich?

And how about that Tuskegee syphilis experiment. When did it begin?

And it Reads:

"The Rosenwald Fund (also known as the Rosenwald Foundation, the Julius Rosenwald Fund, and the Julius Rosenwald Foundation) was established in 1917 by Julius Rosenwald and his family for "the well-being of mankind. He became interested in social issues, especially education for African Americans, and provided funding through Dr. Booker T. Washington of the Tuskegee Institute, a historically black college (HBCU), prior to founding the fund. Unlike other endowed foundations, which were designed to fund themselves in perpetuity, the Rosenwald Fund was intended to use all of its funds for philanthropic purposes.

It donated over $70 million to public schools, colleges and universities, museums, Jewish charities, and black institutions before funds were completely depleted in 1948. The Rosenwald Fund was also one of the original backers of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. With support from the Rosenwald Fund, an ambitious program had begun to improve the health of African Americans in US southern states in 1928. Emphasis was on treating people with syphilis, then found at a high rate in poor African-American communities. After the stock market crash in 1929, the Fund was forced to end its role in the project."

So where were the Rosenwald's since they loved black folks so much? WAKE UP Hebrews!

Written by Dawid Yacob Maccabeus © H.W.U.Network 2014