VICTORY-Your Wish Is Your Command-Bye Bye Babylon.

By: Dawid Yacob Maccabeus

My Prayer

" OH AHYAH the definition of Love, how you made the seas and the things therein. AHYAH thank you for the air that I breathe. OH AHYAH thank you for opening my eyes to whom we are and showing me how you never left our side. OH AHYAH thank you for naming me a teacher and helping me show my people the WAY. OH AHYAH thank you for guiding me and never letting me down and being with me in the brightest of days and in the darkest hours of the night. You are the Air that I breathe, the Sun that I enjoy, the water that natures my Spirit AHYAH AHYAH AHYAH I am humbled by your glimpse. You are magnificent and none can compare thank you AHYAH for always being there.

OH AHYAH on this day Father, Mother, and Friend I ask that you Open the eyes that need to hear this message. Give me the power to articulate the destruction of this beast of Babylon this day my dearest and best Friend. Break the power of the parasitic demonic elite class, flush them out of their hiding places. Give us the wisdom, knowledge, skills, and power to take back our Planet, put your world back in the hands of your children, and this time, do not let them (fool) us again. Father, Mother and Friend this day, OH AHYAH break the power of the Demonic 72 and the hidden powers of the demonic make it null and void. Thank you AHYAH for my sound mind and the feeling of joy and love in my heart, for you have shown me...We Have The Victory. ALL Praise AHYAH ALL Praise AHYAH ALL Praise AHYAH. "...

You can follow along with the audio file and this transcript:

Today I would like to give you a message. I have been waking up around 4 am ever since I discovered this information on the 26th of October. For some reason, I just can not get a full night sleep. Whenever this happens I know that I need to get out a message. For those that are new to Signs and Wonders, I encourage you to listen to my broadcast to understand what I am speaking about. Last year around this time I needed to get out the message concerning Islam and how the story of the Hebrews is intertwined within the History of what we call today the religion of Islam.

Okay...So go back to the October 20th, 2012 and listen to all three broadcast.

Now let me be clear. This is not about Kevin Trudeau. This is about this information. If what this man is saying is true, then what do we do about it? If what he is saying is true then THEY cannot attack the truth, but THEY can attack the presenter of truth. The truth will survive regardless. Those that have the spirit of evil know this fact. Therefore to slow down the movement of truth THEY attack the messenger. You can see this in action throughout His Story. Since October 26th I have been searching videos and audio archives, reading false criticisms and reading both of Kevin Trudeau's books on Natural Cures and I am trying to find something that justifies the number of criticisms I am seeing about him in mainstream and alternative media.

Yet as I read his books I notice the same people that are attacking this man, or not defending this man are using the truth that he has presented. So I decided to stand up for Kevin Trudeau. Why because no one else is. I am here to defend this man and the information he has presented. Why? Because I believe he is presenting the truth. I have read the facts for myself. I have also done the things that are in his books and on his CDs way before I read his books. This is evident to me that what he is presenting is Truth. The Pharmaceutical Industry know that plants and herbs in our environment can heal disease. They also know that this information is easy to find, simple to test and natural to understand. So what do they do? They attack the messenger. If they can discredit the messenger, they can slow down the message. Now how do they do this?

Well, they take statements like "a weight-loss protocol that is "easy" to follow" and they fine you 37 Million dollars, the close down your business and place it under receivership, they take away your bank accounts and your house and put you and your wife on the street. They create a court case that will put you in prison for the rest of your life. They make sure that they make the case popular so everyone knows you are on trial. They make sure they win the case, by paying off the jury, tampering with the jury, restricting the jury or lying to the jury to make sure they suppress the truth.

They make sure that you have to know money to defend yourself and last but not least they use mainstream and alternative media that they control to make sure the public, that they also victimized by their Pharmaceutical poison is brainwashed to believe THEY are protecting the US. Now, who losses here? What are they doing? They are using US to destroy the US. Think about it. If they can convince you Kevin Trudeau is a liar, he is misleading you, he is a criminal, he is a fraudster, he is a conman, he is a thief if they can convince you of any of these lies then they hope that your mind is weak enough that you will not find out the Truth for your self. This is a demonic technique called you destroying YOU.

Think about it. They are hoping that you will not try his programs, or follow his suggestions. They dose this by discrediting the messenger. Now at the moment the FDA and FTC have a trial to put this man away and take away his information from you.

The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission will use this trail to shut down any Natural Curs like website or books that THEY do not control.

Yes...I said that THEY do not control because this is part of the plan. Now, are you starting to see? This is wrong, this is pure evil.

I want to make a statement here before I speak on another reason why I am doing this broadcast. I am 42 years old. My generation is being destroyed by the Pharmaceutical Industry, but not as bad as our children. What we see these demonic criminals doing is setting up a system where they can control our offspring. Our children do not have the power to fight this beast. We think that the Pharmaceutical Industry is doing this so that they can make money. This is half the story. They are doing this for control. We speak about the mark of the beast and the chip but fail to comprehend that we are already in it. If they control the Food that you put in your body, the System Of the Beast is here. If they control the Air that you breathe with Carbon offset Climate Credits, the System Of the Beast is here. If they control the Energy, the Resources, the Health Industry, the Educational System, the Media Conglomerates, the Economies of every nation on our Earth, the System Of the Beast is here. If 1% is living high on the hog and 99% are heading towards poverty, the System Of the Beast is here. Brother and Sisters if you have to go to a Food Bank with Food Stamps, Food Vouchers or a Food Card that is issued to you by the Federal Reserve Bank...Brother and Sister the mark of the beast is not coming, it is here. Our children are going to be the first generation that they will have full dominance over if we do not stop them NOW!

This is the reality and this is why I am defending Kevin Trudeau because he is giving people information on how to defeat this Beast and if you call yourself a God-fearing Christian, Allah fearing Muslim or a Yahweh fearing Jew and you can not see that you are already in, the System Of the Beast. Then do you really know your god? Let me repeat that, if you call yourself a God-fearing Christian, Allah fearing Muslim or a Yahweh fearing Jew and you can not see that you are already in, the System Of the Beast.

Then do you really know your god?

The other day on the 26th of October I was packing my books away because I am planning to move back to the United States Of America. I want to come home to meet some of the people I have meant over the years that have listened to Signs and Wonders. While packing my books away I noticed a book that I wanted to read, but I never got the chance, because I have been studying and researching other topics. On this day I decided to skim through the book to see if something caught my attention. As I flipped through the chapters like "What's wrong with the health care in America?", "It's All About The Money", "Who are They" and scanning the information my mind focused on a chapter in the booked called "How To NEVER Get Sick Again". This book is called Natural Cures THEY Don't Want You To Know About. After reading this book my mind started to think. I started to connect dots. And on November 3rd, 2013 I did a broadcast called, "Kevin Trudeau Natural Cure to the Parasitic elite Class". I noticed that many of you have listened to this broadcast. Those of you that have noticed that the message was cut short. Why? Well because I can only afford the free Blog Talk account I can only give a 30-minute broadcast. So I decided to create a blog that explains everything I said in the broadcast. If you want to hear the entire message you can download that today. I advice you to go and listen to "Natural Cure AGAINST the Parasitic elite", the full message is now uploaded on Blog Talk Radio and it is also accessible on HWUNET.ORG or Okay, I am going to take a quick break I am going to play an audio file and after I will explain.

Your Wish Is Your Command CD 5

Okay, welcome back what you just listened to was an audio file of Kevin Trudeau speaking about the Parasites. Now, I want people to really let this sink in. Kevin Trudeau is a Whistle Blower. He is a member of the brotherhood. He decided to expose them. His books on health tell how they have been poisoning the American people for profit and control. His books speak about how fast food is the major cause of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, CANCERS and all of the major illness that are killing people. He knows about this because he was one of the people that implemented the program. Kevin Trudeau was groomed to lobby congress to pass laws so that the Pharmaceutical Industry can make Trillions of dollars off of our misery. He was on the team that lobbied to put vending machines in our children's schools. He also witnessed how they were creating an impossible learning environment for our children and putting kids on Ritalin after they ate the food from the vending machines.

After seeing what the Pharmaceutical Industry was doing Kevin Trudeau remembered he had a conscious. His conscious wrote a booked called Natural Cures THEY Don't Want You To Know About. After he wrote this book he was attacked by the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission. He then wrote another book called "Weight Loss Cures THEY don't want you to know about" after this, he was fined 37.6 million dollars and threatened with 10 to 18 years in federal prison. He also wrote another book called "More Natural Cures REVEALED (previously censored brands name products that cure disease)" then he was arrested and told to pay the 37.6 million or face 18 years in prison. Kevin Trudeau decided to keep fighting and now he is in court facing next to life in prison. This is the story of Kevin Trudeau.

He decided to not only expose their control over the Pharmaceutical Industry but how they control our planet. How did he do this? In the year 2009, he created a 14 CD lectured called Your Wish Is Your Command. You heard CD 5 of that series. Now please do not overlook this information. This man is a Whistle Blower. He is one million times more important than the NSA Snowden case. He is speaking about how they control the US, which is the root of their power. Knowing the root of their power is knowing how to take away their power. When you listened to CD 5 you hear him say that the Parasites fear us waking up to how AHYAH has created us. How the protons and neutrons are held together by energy and that this energy is a Frequency. You heard that this frequency supersedes the law of gravity and that this Frequency bonds with the Law of Attraction. Know if you understand what he is trying to explain you will know that Frequency is pure energy. Which is vibrational energy? Vibration energy can attract LOVE. If you are vibrating love then Love will come. Likewise,e if you are vibrating hate, then hate will remain. It will Attract whatever the transmitter of that frequency transmits. We are the transmitters. Therefore if we are containers of this pure energy then if we just think of it...IT will come.

All Praise AHYAH. "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you."

"If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you" (John 15:7) This is speaking about the Law of Attraction. If you abide in me and my words abide in you. This is what I mean when I say AHYAH is in you. His words are you because you are the creation of AHYAH. Can You See?

I hope people out there can hear what I just said. Your Wish Is Your Command. You are pure 100% energy. Every cell, molecule, your DNA, atom, proton, and electron consist and is formed of ENERGY. These energy formers this Planet. This energy forms OUR reality.

We are the creation of AHYAH, I AM that I AM you are LIFE, our World is what we want it to BE. This World can be whatever we want it to be because YOU are created to be a Free Thinking, Wonderful, Powerful, Unique One of a Kind Human Being. All Praise AHYAH... This Is The Secret.

YOU are the Miracle. YOU! YOU are the Miracle. Anything outside of YOU is YOUR reality...not a Miracle. Think about it.

This is how our universe works. They call it Quantum mechanics or Quantum physics. This is physics beyond the understanding of energy and matter. The definitions say: "Quantum mechanics is a branch of physics which deals with physical phenomena at microscopic scales. Quantum mechanics provides a mathematical description of much of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions of energy and matter." Did you hear that? (Waves LIKE behaviors and interactions of Energy and Matter.)

Now let's make it basic. We have Matter which is things that we can touch and see. We have Energy which is what helps us feel emotions. Now we add Quantum physics (Wave-Like- Behaviour) let's call it Equilibrium. This (Wave-Like- Behaviour) balances the relationship between Matter and Energy. This is a very basic explanation of our reality. Now, what happens when you combined Matter / Equilibrium / Energy? You get creation. Why? Because when energy vibrates whatever frequency that energy is vibrating it create that particular matter. Matter plus Equilibrium plus Energy can equal LOVE Creation which is the vibrational energy or the Frequency of Love. likewise, Matter plus Equilibrium plus Energy can equal HATE Creation. Which means hate vibrational energy produces the Frequency of hate. This is called Hate Creation. Hate creation is unstable because it creates an unbalance in nature. This unbalance is what we see on our Planet. This is scientific, this is Quantum physics. Therefore if Hate creates Hate the LOVE will create love and Love creation is stable, stability is harmony in nature. Harmony is music to our ears. Think about it.

What does this mean? Well If we all express the vibrational energy the Frequency of Love then "Your Wish Is Our Command".

Psalms 37:4 "Delight thyself also in AHYAH, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." (So when you think of Love and Joy in your heart then Love and Joy will come.)

And It Reads:

" Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of AHYAH, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear " (Hebrew Chapter 11)

"Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear"

So what made them?

"Wave LIKE behaviors and interactions of Energy and Matter."

And what is Matter?

The matter is our reality, What we can Taste, Touch, See, Hear, Smell, Love or Hate....Think About It.

This is why THEY fear the information on CD 5. Because if you remember you are created as an Awesome, Free Thinking, Wonderful, Powerful, Unique One of a Kind Human Being, then you will Know Who and What You Are.

The Parasitic Elite are like Cancer, THEY have to make our bodies acidic, so that THEY can feed on our spirits. They give us food that makes our bodies acidic, which weakens our immune system, then we get diseased and sick. Therefore when we are sick we do not vibrate on a frequency of LOVE. This is why Cancer can not strive in an Alkaline environment. What is Alkaline? Alkaline is the Power Of Hydrogen(PH) above 7.0. There is One Proton in Hydrogen. A Proton is a positive electric charge. Electricity is Pure Energy expressed through Matter. We are Pure energy. This is the way THEY need us to be Acidic. So THEY can survive. Because Human Beings strive in a world of stability, which is Harmony, which is Love, which is peace. This is the secret the sow discord so THEY can survive.

Okay now if Mr, Trudeau is a whistleblower. What is the information his whistle is bringing to our attention? First, he has a book called Mega Memory, this teaches people how to focus their minds this offsets the programming. Second his books on health teach people how to stay away from poisons in the environment. Third, his lectures teach why, who, how the elite class manipulates and control our planet. Now, how does he know this? Because he helps create the environment we see. This is why he is a Whistle Blower. This man knew exactly what he was doing because he learned from the best. Now there is also one more powerful tool that he gives. The power of people unity.

While doing research I discovered a network of people called the Global Information Network GIN for short. When you listen to the lectures you will begin to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Then you will really see why Kevin Trudeau is facing 18 years in prison. The Global Information Network is not only teaching people how to become wealthy. It is also teaching people how to think. How to really free themselves from the beast. He is teaching people how the Elite became the Elite and at the same time building an army of free-thinking wealthy human beings. Now think about it. You have 10 of thousands of people all over the world 100% alert to the crimes of the parasitic elite class. These people can be your neighbor down the street. They go to seminars and learn specific techniques on how to destroy these criminals. The organization is called Global INFORMATION Network, they have members that are millionaire and billionaires that see where this world is heading and are not happy. These people are a threat because they have the means to fight. These people understand the philosophy of Andrew Carnegie as he states in "The Gospel of Wealth".

And it Reads: "Carnegie argued that surplus wealth is put to best use (i.e. produces the greatest net benefit to society) when it is administered carefully by the wealthy. Carnegie also argues against the wasteful use of capital in the form of extravagance, irresponsible spending, or self-indulgence, instead of promoting the administration of said capital over the course of one's lifetime toward the cause of reducing the stratification between the rich and poor. As a result, the wealthy should administer their riches responsibly and not in a way that encourages "the slothful, the drunkard, the unworthy." (Now keep this in mind at the time Andrew Carnegie was worth 310 Billion dollars. (He was the richest man on Earth at the time.) "Carnegie based his philosophy on the observation that the heirs of large fortunes frequently squandered them in riotous living rather than nurturing and growing them. Even bequeathing one's fortune to charity was no guarantee that it would be used wisely, due to the fact that there was no guarantee that a charitable organization not under one's direction would use the money in accordance with one's wishes. Carnegie disapproved of charitable giving that maintained the poor in their impoverished state and urged a movement toward the creation of a new mode of giving which would create opportunities for the beneficiaries of the gift to better themselves. As a result, the gift would not be simply consumed, but would be productive of even greater wealth throughout the house." Okay, now I read that because I want people to know that there are wealthy people out there that understand the importance of what Carnegie was saying. Because Carnegie had the foresight to know that absolute power corrupts absolutely and that greed bread greed.

So the question is this. Who was right? Was Carnegie or the other Secret Society members, like the Rothschild, the Rockefeller, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the House of Saud, the Bush family, the Gates family and all of the other Parasites. As they diversify and horde their cash. As they steal the resources of our Planet. Let's see. We have Radiation spilling in the Ocean near Japan, Oil spills in the Gulf, Acid rain on farmlands, Suppression of clean Tesla Energy, constant wars for hundreds of years, Millions of people starving on a planet created to feed billions. We see people eating trash that the rich throwaway, children being raped and sold into slavery, women being raped and sold into slavery the list of corruption can go on and on. So was he right? Think about it. The parasites are now paying US to police Ourselves, as they pay US with OUR own money to put Ourselves in a police state. Why? Because they knew WE were waking up. Now how is does that make you feel?

SO NOW! Here is a question. How can you vibrate on the frequency of love, with all of this madness on OUR planet?... ANSWER. YOU can't! This is why all of this hell is here. And this is how they feed on YOUR Spirit.

Now here is the Great News and the purpose of this broadcast. Just by you knowing this, the frequency of the planet is changing right now. When you command that they stop doing what they are doing. It is all over for them. VICTORY IS YOURS!

Okay now, how can you vibrate on the frequency of love with all of this madness on our planet?... You can't. This is why all of this hell is here. And this is how they feed on your spirit.

Now here is the Great News and the purpose of this broadcast. Just by you knowing this, the frequency of the planet is changing right now. When you command that they stop doing what they are doing it is all over for them and


Expose the so-called Truth Movement:

Okay now like the Law of Attraction we have to understand a valuable principle. You have to place the seed in the growth and water that seed for it to grow. You can not set buy and think you can sit on the sidelines and think evil away. I was watching a video online the other day called "Beyond The Secret Law Of Attraction better explained"there was a man by the name of Les Brown, he was explaining how a bamboo tree takes 5 to 7 years before you start to see it grow. You have nurtured the soil and water the seeds for 5 to 7 years before you see it grow. This takes knowledge and faith. Because it you do not know how the bamboo grows you will never know, but if you understand that you have to nurture the soil, give it sunlight, make sure the weeds are clear and keep watering it for 5 years then the bamboo will grow. This is The Law Of Attraction at work, this is the faith of the mustard seed. You have to know You Have the Victory for Victory to come, therefore you have to do something. If you want Christ to come then you have to clear your house. When you are cleaning your house you will realize, and find that he is already there...Think About It.

Now I mention this because for years we have been sitting on the sideline watching the game. We are sitting and waiting while our Planet is being destroyed.

We let fear-mongers, Agent provocateurs, CIA informants, FBI informants, opportunist, and fools. Play the game as we sit and watch. As we sit and watch them conflate issues and cause discord to the point where nobody trusts anyone. This way you have to take action. This your life, not theirs yours. I say this because we are waiting for groups like the Truth Movement to save us. Yet this System is bought and paid for by the parasites. We are witnessing the rebirth of humanity. People are waking up by the million all over our Planet. This is not unknown to the Parasitic elite class, they know that their time is coming to a close. They hope to cause so much discord that they can rule just a little while longer, so they understand the power of truth. This is why we can not sit by and listen to, fear-mongers, Agent provocateurs, CIA informants, FBI informants, opportunist, and fools.

We are being brainwashed by the parasites. They are doing this by using a technique called Neuro-linguistic programming. The parasites are doing this with their temporary control over the mainstream and alternative media. This is how they confused the dam near everyone on this planet. One of the most obvious programs is the fear-based program. This program allowed them to declare a 100-year war on terror. This fear allows them to remain in power. They give you 100% fear and 0% solutions. Think about that phrase "9 11 was an inside job". Inside of every man's chest beats a powerful emotion feeling heart. What man feels inside is manifested outside. If 9 11 is an inside job what work is 911 doing to you on the inside? If 911 is Fear, if 911 is Terror if 911 is the Patriot Act if 911 is the loss of freedom if 911 is an Inside Job. What Work Is 911 doing inside of you?

Who came up with that phrase "911 was an inside job"? How do you feel when you think about 9 11? Do you feel freedom and joy or do you feel Fear and sadness? The fear that you feel was placed there by the media you consume. This fear is the food of the parasites. The parasites are the creators of the fear-based program this is Neuro-linguistic programming. Think about it.

So now you have to learn how to THINK for yourself. You have to do the work.

The parasites are using a fear-based program to bring in the Law of Attraction. Remember - "Matter plus Equilibrium plus Energy can equal HATE Creation. This vibrational energy produces the Frequency of hate. This is called Hate Creation. Hate creation is unstable because it creates an unbalance in nature. This unbalance is what we see on our Planet." This is the way we see so much hate on this planet. This Neuro-linguistic programming. This is being pushed by the so-called truth Movement as they give you the illusion of freedom and liberty.

Now I have a question. With all of this freedom in alternative media, why is it taking so long for them to discover the Achilles heel of the New World Order?

Kevin Trudeau created CD5 four years ago. He has written multiple books, had a radio show, gave lectures, has multiple websites and yet he is ignored by the truth movement. I have been reading these books and doing this research for only three weeks and I see the Achilles heel of the New World Order. We hear them speaking about how vaccines are the cause of autism and how drugs like Ritalin are responsible for all the school shootings, but when have they given credit to the whistleblower? Is anybody hearing me?

They take this man's information to sell you fear, but when he needs help they are nowhere to be found. What's the matter? Do they believe the lies of the Main Stream media? Are they aware that the FDA and FTC are bought and paid for by the Pharmaceutical Industry? What is the Food and Drug Administration any why? Now think about it. How can they create an agency called the Food and Drug Administration, but when people say that food is medicine they want to call them crazy? I want to bring this to your attention because I just started researching this man's information on the 26th of October. After reading his books, listening to his material I can now see all of the information they have stolen from him. Many of the people we see in the so-called truth movement take his information, they make it there own and never give this man credit.

Does this sound familiar? Who stole the story of the ancient Hebrews and Egyptians and called it there own? Who stole the story of Yahushua the Nazarene and called it their own? Who Stole the story of Muhammad and Ali, Fatimah, Hussain, Hussan and Zakkiyah and made it their own? This is the M.O of the beast. We are watching his children in action. I would not be surprised if the media personalities we see in mainstream and alternative media are relatives, or members of the secret societies they claim they are fighting against. Which brings me to another very important question. Why is it when you question what is suppose to be established as Truth you are ostracised? Truth should never fear being questioned. If there is fear there is a lie. Here is a little advice. If you ask a question in the spirit the energy of love the answer should be in the spirit of love. This is the law of the universe. The Law Of Attraction. Ask and you shall receive. Not ask and you will be ostracised.

I went through this a few years ago. I asked the question. The name IsRaEl. Are we 100% sure he was named by thee god or a god? I presented this question in They Live Because We Sleep. Because I asked this question, I found that this question was too much for some. Now if we are to be the People Of The Book now I am speaking to the Black Jews, the Black Hebrews that call ourselves Israelites. How can we be an example if we do not practice what we say we represent? Truth should never fear being questioned. If there is fear there is a lie. When we discovered the lies of white-supremacy and discovered the original people of the book we became proud and excited to know the truth. This truth has brought us together to a point.

In order for us to go that last mile, we are going to have to respect each other and look at all of the information that each of us is presenting. Truth should never fear being questioned. If there is fear there is a lie. There is a reason why the Parasitic Elite has suppressed Africans all over this earth. From Babylon to Timbuktu. From the year 1550 BC till 2013 AD black people have been in bondage. This is in their history. They have used their system of white-supremacy to suppress how the none Africanised Arabs in the Middle East destroyed the Kingdoms of Kemet, to the Europeans destruction of Africa since 1452 AD. Now discovering that the original people of the book are of color is just the tip of the iceberg. We have the questions about our religion. What was it? We have the questions about our couture, How was it? We have the questions about our language is written and spoken. We have the questions about our God or gods we don't know. Yet the most powerful source of this information is one another and we still can't come together. It's a damn shame. Now I mention this because if Ezekiel 37 1_15 is to be fulfilled then we need to go that last mile. I am willing to walk that last mile. I pray you are willing to walk that last mile with me. Now that's all I am going to say on that. Now back to Kevin Trudeau.

To most people that do not listen to HWUNET or understand the struggles that we as Black people on this planet go through. They are a little confused. But I want to make this clear and why we are important to the survival of this planet.

The three major Religion on this planet Islam, Judaism and Islam are all linked together. The main religion, the core of the other two is called Judaism. In all three books The Torah and the Old Testament, The Bibles and The Quran tell us that a Tribe of people called the Jews are Gods chosen and these people will save the planet.

We are told that these people are in Israel. We have been told, those of us that have been taught by the Christian faith, that this is Truth. Yet we now find that this is not Truth. We find the same Parasitic Elite lying and deceiving the whole Planet once again. During the time of the Monarchs, they used Religion. Now they are using the Military, the Economy and a dash of Religion. So now why are we important to the survival of this Planet? Well if everyone continues to expose the Fact that the system of Religion was carefully constructed by the Parasitic elite during the times of the Monarch from the Middle East to Europe. If people admit that this system of White-supremacy is intertwined with racism, slavery, and Christianity. If people really begin to grasp this fact. Then maybe we all might start communicating, Then maybe we all might start respecting each other's cultures and respecting how each culture worships AHYAH. When you go back to the basics Matter plus Equilibrium plus Energy equals Creation. How can You or I tell anyone how they honor AHYAH?

Y Work,Throw,Worship = MatterAH Look,Reveal,Breath = Energy


What is a Parasite?

Welcome back I would like to end this broadcast on a very high note. I am going to give to you how to defeat this these parasitic beasts and heal our world. First I would like to explain to you why I call the elite class lower case e, the Parasitic Elite. This word Parasite has two meaning pre 18th Century meaning and present meaning. This word comes from the Greek word "parasitos". Parasitos is two words Para meaning alongside and sitos meaning wheat or grain this is in reference to food. So when the Greeks put these two words together the meant "eating at the side of, as one would when seated at the same table" (Parasitos). This means that the Greeks understood that when someone lives off of the work of another person and does not contribute, that person is feeding off of your hard work. During the 1700s this term Parasite was used to describe biological organisms that live inside another organism. They live inside of a host, they are dependent on the host to survive, they need the host to live, they need the host to grow, they cannot live on their own or they will die. They Parasites need the host to gain strength and multiply, they benefit at the expense of the host and the host loses strength and sometimes dies. Now, this is an explanation of the organic Parasite. Does this sound familiar?

The Greeks had the same problems we are having today this is why YAHU'SHUAH of 160 BC had to come. The Egyptians of 1550 BC had the same problem we have today we call them Hyksos or Amalekites. The Hebrews of the Tribe of Banu Hashim had this problem in Petra when the Tribes of the Nabataeans oppressed the Tribe of Muhammad and Ali. Today we are having this problem the Tribes today are called, the Tribe of Saud, the Tribe of Rothschild, the Tribe of Rockefeller, the Tribe of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the Tribe of Hapsburg-Lorraine and many many more. The Royal Bloodline started out as Tribes, these tribes link way back.

The power they have is the power we give them. This is why they have to remain in the shadows to survive. They are weak without our complacency! They do not build they steal. They do not invent the lend. The steal our WATER, ENERGY, SOIL, HEATH, OUR IDEAS and OUR LIVES. They do this because without us they can not survive this is the Parasitic elite who are the same today as yesterday.

The Achilles heel.

When you comprehend that the elite, like the parasite, is using our strength to destroy ourselves. Do you begin to wonder? How do get this bloodsucker off of my back? This parasite is very clever, it has to be because it is very weak and small. The parasite has to hide and sneak into its host. In order for the parasite to remain hidden, it has to manipulate the laws of nature, it has to mimic, it has to duplicate and it has to manipulate the mind of its host. Now let's make it very simple: It's like having a relative that lives in your house. This relative does not work but is eating all of your food and wasting all of your energy. This relative is causing stress and disharmony in your household, so they can live free as long as possible. In some cases, the parasitic relative lies and steals things in your house. The parasitic relative will even cause arguments and discord in your house. When you find out that they are causing disharmony in your household. You immediately kick the parasite out of your house. When the parasitic relative is removed, then so is the discord, stress, and disharmony. They KEY is to know you have a PARASITE in your house. Because Knowing is Half the Battle.

Therefore the Achilles Heel of the Parasitic Elite Class is Ex-poser. They can not exist in the light. A person can not steal from you if you are looking right at them. Think of the story of Achilles. He was half godson of an Ocean goddess. He could heal his whole body but not his heel. Now keep your mind on this word Heel. He was killed when an arrow pierced his Heel. When I think of Achilles, I am reminded of Mercury, because of the wings on his Heels. He is still one of the major gods of the elite they call him Hermes. Therefore Hermes is Mercury. Mercury is also known as the Messenger god. The names Hermes and Mercury are worshiped by the Secret Societies under the name of another god called Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes Trismegistus is the combination of the Egyptian god Thoth and the Greek god Hermes. This information is very important to understand. The Egyptian god Thoth can be traced back to 1500 BC. You can trace it from the Serpent god of the Hyksos to Set, to Amun. To Thoth under Thutmose. After the Hyksos brought their religion into Egypt it was one god taking over another god, taking over another god and on and on. This is why Akhenaten changed his name and why his family was usurped and hidden for thousands of year (LEARN THE STORY).

After the worship of Aten there was Amun, then Horus, then Amun, then Set, then RE, then Amun and on and on until the Greeks took over Egypt. When the Greeks looked researched the culture of the Ancient Egyptians they found Thoth. They saw that Thoth was like Hermes, so the Greek took their god Hermes and the god of the Egyptians named Thoth and created a new god called Hermes Trismegistus. This god which can be traced back to 600 BC is the god that demonic elite worship today. You can find elements of it in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Why because where there is a religion there is power and where there is power there are parasites.

Now here are the characteristics of Hermes: He is the good of finance, the god of trade, the god of theft, the god of inventions, he is the intercessor between mortals and the divine. Now does all this sound familiar? Hermes is the father of the god of Luck also named Tyche. Tyche is also known as Nibiru. Remember planet X or Nibiru that was supposed to be here on December 21th, 2012. Now keep this in mind Tyche is luck, luck is the daughter of Hermes, luck has fortuned a characteristic of Hermes. If the parasites understand the power of Attraction, what was on many peoples minds on December 21st, 2012? Think About it!

Now think, Kevin Trudeau was or is in the Brotherhood, George Bush Junior and Senior are in the Skull and Bones order. Aleister Crowley was in the Hermetic order, most of the founding father were in the Hermetic order called Rosicrucian. Hitler was in the Thule society another occult orders. These are the so-called elite. This is how they became the so-called elite. The parasitic elite class is insane. They are the politicians we see all over the world. They are the ones creating agencies like the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, The World Trade Organization, The World Health Organization, the League of nation now the United Nations, the Bank Of International Settlements, the World Bank, the European Union, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Central Bank they control it all. They are the Parasitic Elite Class. This vital for you to comprehend. They have the power to create this organization because they are in these Societies. These Secret Occult orders worship Hermes Trismegistus.

How many of you remember Revelations 12:9?

"The great dragon was hurled down--that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him" Look at these words, Dragon and Serpent.

The staff of Hermes is called the Caduceus. Now listen to the history of the Caduceus staff. The symbol of the Caduceus comes from a parasite called "little dragon from Medina" now what tribe is the area of Medina today? This happens in three stages the Dracunculus medinensis("little dragon from Medina") that world Dracun is also like Draculus, therefore Count Dracula is a blood-sucking parasite as well.

Stage One: The little dragon enters the human body when a human being drinks unfiltered water containing copepods, or small crustaceans, infected with little dragon larvae. Once ingested, the crustaceans die, while the larvae travel down into the small intestine. They penetrate the intestinal wall, and they eventually make their living in the abdominal cavity. Approximately one hundred days after, the larva will begin to molt, mature, and mate. While the males are broken down by the body.

Stage Two: The females carrying fertilized eggs must find a way to manipulate the host into getting their larva into the water where the larva can develop into its infectious stage. The parasite's method of doing this is by traveling to the surface of the host's skin, resulting in the blisters that are the symptoms of infection; since the host will most likely travel to the water to relieve the pain.

Stage Three: This gives the opportunity for the female parasites to escape and release the larva. Once released, the stage 1 larva are eaten by the cope-pod, allowing the larva to develop into its stage 3 infectious stage, waiting for a human to ingest the crustacean and repeat the cycle again.

Now think...the Parasite will travel to the lower legs and your feet to make you dip your feet in the water. This contaminates the water. The next person comes by drinks the water and the process starts all over again.

Now this very important to comprehend. This parasite can be traced back to ancient Egypt. They called the Parasite the "little dragon from Medina". The reason why the Caduceus has a snake wrapped around it is that the healer had to slowly remove the parasite with a stick.

"The traditional technique, winding the worm out on a stick, has been a successful treatment for centuries. An alternative method is done by surgically removing the worm. The surgical procedure is only successful if the entire worm is near the surface of the skin." Therefore the only way to remove the worm is with a Stick or Surgery.

Okay, now I read this to bring this into your attention. During the times of the ancient Egyptians, a healer would take a small stick and slowly pull the little dragon out of your body. If the head would break off the parasite died, this would lead to arthritis and paralysis in the spinal cord which can poison the host and sometimes kill the body. Therefore the healer was the only one in the village that could remove the dragon. This is why the Medical Symbols Pharmaceutical products, ambulance vehicles, hospitals and the World Health Organization all have the Caduceus. It is the symbol of the Parasite, the Snake, the Dragon and the Beast. They Can Not Deny It. You Can Connect Point A to Point B.

Now we see them taking over the healing industry. Taking over medicine and food. The healers are now called doctors and we see the two little dragons, the Parasites wrapped around the stick as the symbol of the takeover. Now think...the god of trade and finance is Hermes which is the messenger of the occult. Hermes is Mercury the god with the demonic wings HEEL of Hermes. He is flying around caring for the Caduceus giving people luck, wealth and poison. And this is just scratching the surface.


Now I mention all of this because the wings represent two things on the ankles of Hermes. The first it should be a reminder of where his weakness is. What is this weakness? It is the messengers. He is mocking the ones that are going to pull his ass off of this Planet. The messengers are his Achilles heel.

What do I mean? Think about the name Yacob. What does it mean?

Genesis: 3:15

"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel".

AHYAH... told US that the Serpent, the Dragon from Medina he told us that you little Dragon, little Snake, little Serpent the one running around with the Caduceus symbol, the one destroying the Planet, the one Causing death and starvation everywhere. He said you.. you dragon, you Snake, you Serpent the one that is worshiped by the Royal Bloodlines all over this Earth the demonic 1% the ones that are hearing this message the ones that are listening to me right now. YOU manipulators of DNA trying to steal AHYAH's earth and Genetically Modifying his Planet. Your little dragon from Medina cannot escape your Judgement. Because AHYAH put enmity between you and us, so we know who you are. Are heels you may bruise, but your Head is Ours. It Is Written.

Now I had to go off a little bit there, Now let me continue.

What does the name Yacob mean? Heel Catcher? Hebrews Of The Seed Of Yacob. The Hebrews from Akhenaten, to Yahu-shuah, to Muhammad, to Ali and to Zakkiyah the Hebrews have been spreading the message about this beast for over Three thousand years. When he attempts to fly away we will catch his Heel and his head is us. When you think about Achilles heel being pierced by the arrow, imagine the arrow as the Fire Of Truth that is coming out of your mouth. The arrow which is the fire of truth coming out of our mouths will pierce the heel of the Usurpers and destroy their message of lies with the message of truth. Can You Hear what I am saying?

We Have The Victory. The Achilles Heel of the Parasites is ex-poser because they can not survive the light. Everyone on this planet is starting to see the 1% that control the 99%. People are starting to see the deceptions of the Major Religions. The final nail in the coffin is when the Yiddish Germanic Bloodline of the Tribe of Saxo Coburg Gotha and Mongolian, Nabateans, Edomite Bloodlines of the Tribe of Saud are completely exposed. This is what you are hearing today and have been hearing for the past 3 years on my broadcast Signs and Wonders. It Is Over for them.

The Mustard Seed:

The Book of Matthew: Chapter 13,

"Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field: Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof."

How many of you knew that Mustard was an Herb? How many of you understand that this Herb is medicine? Yahushua said that the Mustard seed was of the smallest of seed yet is is the GREATEST of Herbs. The Greatest of Herbs.

Now listen to what is inside this powerful seed.

Vitamin A, Thiamine (vit. B1), Riboflavin (vit. B2), Niacin (vit. B3), Vitamin B6, Foliate (vit. B9), Vitamin B12:

That right there is your nails, skin hair and brain.

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K:

Tendons, Ligaments, Blood Vessels, Scar Tissue, Wound Healing, Bones, Teeth, Repair and maintain cartilage, The Immune, and Central Nerves System,

Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc.

You get all of that from this little seed. Now listen to the health benefits Fights against asthma, help with weight loss, slows down ageing, protects against gastrointestinal cancer, fights against rheumatoid arthritis, helps to relieve muscle pain, Lowers cholesterol helps strengthens the Heart, Stimulates hair growth, helps with constipation, relieve stress, fights dandruff and dry scalp, fights skin infections and Improves the immunity... Dam who need Kevin Trudeau? Just read Mathews Chapter 13 take a spoon full of Organic Mustard, drink some fresh water and call it a day.

The Book of Matthew: Chapter 17, "And Yahu-shuah said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you." Now that you know how powerful this small grain is called the Mustard Seed, can you now understand the Parable of Faith? The Seed know it's power. The Seed knows it will become a mighty tree that will heal the nation of AHYAH. I am small, but I am powerful because AHYAH made me this way. Brothers and Sisters have the faith of the Mustard Seed and Know that we have the Victory say unto that MOUNTAIN, Remove hence to yonder place, AND IT SHALL REMOVE. And Nothing Shall Be Impossible Unto You.

Now one final note to put the icing on this Victory Cake. How many of you know about the Bilderberg? Do you know what Bilderberg means? Well since I live in Sweden I speak the language of the Scandinavian people. This is a Germanic language. The Ashkenazi Jews is a Germanic Tribe. Did you know that this word Bilderberg is two words, Picture, and Mountain? Berg means Mountain in Swedish, Danish, German and Dutch. The Bilderberg is a meeting of all of the wealthiest people on the planet the so-called Elite the 1%. At this meeting, they probably used the Law of Attraction to pictures themselves as the Mountains of the Earth. This Parable is calling them out.

" If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain the Berg this Bilderberg member, You Remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Hebrews Of The Seed Of Yacob, one last thing.

"Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works. Thou believest that there is AHYAH; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. "

You see they know who you are! They know once you start working and doing the things that prove to this world, that you know who you are. This is when Faith and Works will come together and produce action. This is The LAW OF ATTRACTION. This is the US the True Root Vibrating on that Frequency of Love. Us coming together to Remove this Bilderberg. This is the True Hebrews Of the Seed Of Yacob bruising the head of the Serpent.

Now here is how you Will Have Victory over the parasitic elite.

Learn About AHYAH. Learn the real story and know Who, What, When, Where, How and Why? And when you learn the TRUE story tell the our story.

Get your Health and your Mind right as rain. Start by buying the book Natural Cures that I mentioned in the message and do the things it suggests in Chapter 6. Get healthy and Strong.

Start speaking to one another and unify everyone and I mean everyone, Black People, White People, Asian People, Latin People, African People, Caribbean People, Arabian People, European People, Indian People amazing beautiful people there are so many people to Unify. Once people start to unify in the vibration of Love we will see all of AHYAH's creation heal our Planet. Imagine how awesome it is going to be! Can you see the peace? So please start to unify.

If you are on Food Stamps or a Food Card or Food Vouchers try to buy yourself some seeds. Get as many as you can get your hands on. Make sure they are non-GMO seeds find out how to save seeds, look for people that are doing it and contact them. Move to a place where you can plant your seeds and learn how to feed yourself. The seeds will be your new currency this will be your Money for the future. Because once this demonic system falls this world is going to be unrecognizable and you will have to learn how to feed yourself and others.

Protect your Assets.
Get yourself some type of protection. If you can get a Gun than get a Gun, if you do not like Guns than get a baseball bat, or a knife, or a sword, or a stick and learn how to use it or them. When this System of the Beast collapses there will be starving people all over the place. This is why we need to unify and grow gardens and save your seeds. Make sure you can ride out the fall of Babylon until the situations neutralizes. Seek out those whom are experts in survival techniques and learn how to defend yourself and your family.


PLEASE STOP GOING TO FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS. Do not buy anything that is fast food. Read the labels, Do not eat GMO it will destroy your brain, if you work at a fast food place keep on working there if you have to. Get the money out of the system but do not support the system. Take the pay while you have to, but buy smart. Get your seeds and your protection this will weaken their system.

STOP BUYING GOODS FROM CHINA and MADE IN CHINA. They are using the Chinese people as slaves when you buy these products you feed the Beast and weaken yourself. Try to find American made products and build your own economy. This goes for everywhere. For example Sweden must buy from Sweden and the USA must buy from the USA, AFRICA buy from AFRICA, Brazil buy from Brazil we do this until the System of the Beast is destroyed. Then you will see to see Made in Sweden or Made in Brazil, or Made in Africa and Made in the USA. If you want to save China stop supporting China likewise, if you work at Wall-mart get the cash, but spend your money only on items made by the local Country. Keep in mind a sign watch for is this, when you start to see mass lay-offs at MacDonald's and Wall-mart take a look at the stock prices of these companies. You will see that the Beast is beginning to die. If we did this in Unity the Beast will die! Everyday know why you do not want to buy from these fortune 500 Cooperations we have to stop giving them our money.


Start using an alternative currency. Many people are awake to what is going on. We have seen the March on Wall Street, We have seen the End the Fed movement and WE are now seeing the awaking of people who know they are the 99% slaves on this planet. In the 99% movement, you have rich, middle class, poor and very poor. The 1% want to make everyone very poor. This how they Rule. An alternative currency will allow freedom. This can also be used to replace the current system if good people are supporting it and are there to help it grow. We see currencies like Cryptocurrency or Private currency is replacing fiat currency. Every nation uses fiat currency this is how the Parasitic Elite class control the world and create third world nations. So start using an alternative currency. You have many to chose from Bit-coin, Lite-coin, Name-coin, Pp-coin, I2P or create a new one. One of these is going to replace fiat. Why? Because people are awakening to the 1% rulers we see people marching on Wall-street and people want to end the Federal Reserve System. This electronic decentralized currency is not the Mark Of The Beast currency. Why? Because that system is already in place. The 1% have the Mark Of The Beast. The 1% worship the Beast in his image and his name. The 1% are the only ones Buying and Selling. They control the System. They control the International Monetary Fund the IMF and the Central Banks this is what you are seeing in Greece and in Spain and in Portugal and in Ireland and in Africa and in the United States.

They are buying all the water they own all the Oil and they will soon own all the Air. The Mark Of The Beast is not coming it is here and if you want the Mark then you need to be in the 1% club. The only way you get in that 1% club is to get a bar-code to become their property. Think! This is why you have to use Bitcoin, Lite-coin, Doge-Coin or whatever Crypto currency you can get your hands on to stay out of their system. Grow your own currency like seeds, herbs, Potatoes, Carrots, Spinach, make Honey and fresh Bread because food is Money.

Use private none fiat controlled currency to create your own micro-economies. NOTE: to the (Global Information Network ) take back you network. GIN has many business minded people that can help those that are not knowledgeable. If you want to follow Andrew Carnegie's philosophy start here. Start building your own micro networks. Teach the things you learned at GIN. Make sure the Receivers are not Deceivers. The FTC and FDA put Kevin Trudeau on Trial, so that they can take control of his information make sure the Receivers are not Deceivers.

Get yourself a notepad and start to write down your goals and thoughts, take long walks believe and know that YOU will make our Planet a better place for the future. YOU are a Power Beautiful Wonderful Awesome Human Being that AHYAH All Praise Has Made. AHYAH has given you an amazing Planet so that you can experience LIFE. So have the Faith of the Mustard Seed and Know what you are made of.

Now Get To Work and Praise AHYAH we have the Victory!

I often like to close my messages with a pray. Today I want to close with a poem to AHYAH. I want to write this poem so that people will understand, what I got out of Your Wish Is Your Command. If Kevin Trudeau is working in the spirit of honesty and truth time will tell. We hope that his intention is good. We can use his suggestion and information to protect ourselves from this system. Use the information and move on. Reach for higher things, not financial gain. Okay here is my wish Since my Wish is my Command, The Messenger Of AHYAH.